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Scott Morrison confirms that New South Wales will receive another 90,000 weeks of Pfizer administration starting next week

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said 90,000 additional Pfizer vaccines will be delivered to New South Wales starting next week as the state’s COVID-19 outbreak spreads.

On Sunday, Morrison said he was addressing concerns about the supply of Pfizer jabs and responding to requests from New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Beregicrian to direct more doses to the state.

He said the federal government provided the state with 50,000 additional doses on Friday.

Starting next week, an additional 90,000 will be delivered each week. This will be allocated in addition to Pfizer’s 147,720 episodes delivered in the week starting July 5.

“This does not include the additional 50,000 extended to the premiere on Friday, or the additional 150,000 already received in addition to the previous allocation,” he said.

“That is, this is a huge increase from the beginning of this month to the present.”

All adults in Greater Sydney urged to consider AstraZeneca

Morrison urged attention to all adults over the age of 18 in Greater Sydney. Updated ATAGI adviceEncourage them to get available vaccines, including AstraZeneca.

“It’s very important to get these vaccines, and I welcome that advice,” he said.

Morrison admitted that there was brand damage around the AstraZeneca vaccine, but he urged people to look at evidence of its effectiveness.

NSW records 141 new local COVID-19 cases and two deaths

“Undoubtedly, the events of the past few months have caused some hesitation and unnecessaryness. The good news is that its medical potency has not changed.

“This is a powerful vaccine that has helped save lives … it’s important to get the jab in your arms as soon as possible.”

He said ATAGI will provide more information on the deployment of vaccines for children aged 12 to 15 in mid-August. TGA provides approval For the age group to get the vaccine.

The prime minister accuses the opposition of the blockade of “selfish acts”

Morrison blamed those involved in the opposition to the blockade in Sydney on Saturday and said the prospect of breaking out of the blockade had been adversely affected.

“It’s selfish. It’s self-defeating. It doesn’t achieve its purpose,” he said.

New South Wales police said 2,000 of the approximately 3,500 people involved in the protests on Saturday were identified.

“It was a very selfish act, which offended many fellow Sydney ciders,” Morrison said.

“In a closed city, it was reckless to engage in it and it was selfish.”

He said the vaccine alone could not end the blockade in Greater Sydney, adding that blockade measures need to reduce new infections.

New South Wales Police Releases Video from Blockade Opposition Movement

“Once the incident is over, the blockade is over. Vaccines can provide some help. The end of this blockade is that the blockade is effective.”

He said the need to continue vaccination to other states.

“I don’t share the view that this is somehow an interstate competition on this. I think the national vaccine program across the country … needs to maintain momentum. That is, don’t confuse you go. Means. “

He said the “emergency response plan” was being developed at the federal level, but effective blockades and immunization rates were important policy tools.

“The important thing is what we are doing now. When we saw that we were able to do 1 million doses in 6 days, it tells me that we have turned this around. increase.

“I know the blockades are incredibly debilitating. They are frustrating. You feel helpless when you are in one of those blockades. I understand it. ..

There are no plans to change the lockdown support payment eligibility

Morrison has rejected a request to adjust federal income support payments to reach 400,000 unpaid people in New South Wales.

The Australian Council of Social Welfare said nearly half of the 400,000 unemployed or part-time workers face homelessness.

Morrison said he believed that the arrangements in place were appropriate.

“We are paying directly-if you lose those hours; and if you do not receive other social security benefits; and those social security benefits are tailored to your income increase.

“Therefore, if other income declines, the income earned through JobSeeker etc. will increase. These arrangements are designed to address the problems we are currently facing and we are currently facing. The problem is in a particular state, in a particular location.

“And you need to take it out right away and turn it on right away. It provides their support and payments much faster than could be achieved under JobKeeper. And that’s very important.”

He said the federal government is providing approximately $ 220 million in revenue support each week to residents of Greater Sydney.

Since the application began on Friday, at least 52,000 claims have been granted for income support payments in Victoria.

“We’re already spending just under $ 30 million to help people across Victoria,” Morrison said.

Scott Morrison confirms that New South Wales will receive another 90,000 weeks of Pfizer administration starting next week

Source link Scott Morrison confirms that New South Wales will receive another 90,000 weeks of Pfizer administration starting next week

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