Science innovator and entrepreneur Mark Hutchinson becomes president of STA

Australia’s leading innovator and science entrepreneur, Professor Mark Hutchinson, is today the new president of Australia’s science and technology.

The leader in dynamic science is South Australia, the first state to serve as president of the country’s highest institution representing 90,000 scientists and engineers.

Professor Hutchinson is Director of the ARC Center of Excellence in Nanoscale Biophotonics at the University of Adelaide.

Under his leadership, the center transformed the basic scientific discoveries on the lab bench into the economic value of the boardroom, building 30 industry partnerships and creating 15 startups and spin-offs.

He succeeds Associate Professor Jeremy Brownley, who has played an outstanding role as STA President for the past two years through pandemics, wildfire recovery, and significant expansion of STA’s policy influence and profile.

STA also welcomed new board members following today’s annual meeting.

  • Next STA Vice President – ​​Clinical Neuropsychologist and STEM Superstar Dr Anita Goh;
  • Next STA Accounting – Mark Stickells, CEO of Pawsey Supercomputing Center;
  • Next Executive Committee – Chairman of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Mathematics Alliance and Professor Chris Matthews, a Quandamooka mathematician.
  • Next Early Career Representative – Miss Diana Chan, Fulbright Future, PhD from UNSW School of Chemistry.

Professor Hutchinson said his priority as president is to help the country harness its vast scientific knowledge and talents to help solve its greatest challenges.

“”Science was the source of a pandemic solution, “he said.

“Just as the reaction of science was great, the pandemic demands only a small part of the country’s scientific capabilities. The government uses the full range of science and technology in all policy areas to solve problems. Imagine what would be possible if you seized the opportunity and tackled a large and complex problem. “

“In the next election, we want all parties to put science and technology at the forefront and center. To serve the country, formulate policies, and build stronger Australian governance capabilities. We have this What the Australians want.

“STA and its 90,000 strong membership base are powerful resources for Australia. We serve the country and work with the government to bring deep scientific and technological expertise to all the challenges facing the country. Aspiring. This includes our great impetus for the translation and commercialization of world-leading science and research conducted in Australia. “

Professor Hutchinson paid tribute to the retiring President Jeremy Brownley.

“Jeremy Brownley is an excellent president of STA and a great leader in the Australian science and technology community.”

“Under his leadership, STA has strongly grown its role as a credible voice for people working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. He strongly defends this sector and country and the entire parliament. Working with politicians and parties in the world, science is at the center of tackling major issues. “

Dr. Brownlee, Senior Science Leader at Griffith University, has been a board member and executive of Science & Technology in Australia for 11 years.

“It is a great honor to lead this sector, as science has been brilliantly mobilized to meet major challenges such as the global epidemic, the horrific wildfire season and recovery, and the urgent challenges of climate change. That’s it, “he said.

“We are proud that STA is now a true leader in the science and technology community and has a profound influence on our policy outlook.”

“I’m very happy to see Mark take office, and I know I’m putting the organization and sector in the hands of good leaders.”

Science innovator and entrepreneur Mark Hutchinson becomes president of STA

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