School edits official pictures of girls to get rid of cleavage

The young woman wondered why the official photo of her school was edited to remove her image in a plunging dress.

Olivia Aloisi says she graduated from Mary McKillop University in Nundah last year and was surprised to see her pictures look significantly different in her grade book.

“When I was looking at the images in class, one of the girls came to me and said,” Rive, do you see anything different in these two pictures? ” Ms. Aloisi told The Courier-Mail.

“Basically they bought my cleavage in Photoshop, so I had a regular photo and a second photo with my boobs pushed together.”

The school made a headline Earlier this week Because it requires approval of formal dresses, prohibits split dresses on the thighs, and prohibits plunging the neckline.

Camera iconPhotoshop photo of Olivia Aloisi. credit: supply
Official photos of the young women's school were purchased in Photoshop by a previous school for use as promotional material.
Camera iconOriginal image. credit: supply

Ms. Aloisi approached the vice-principal to ask why her image was purchased in Photoshop and said the “low plunge” dress she was wearing was not suitable for marketing material.

She also says she was told she should have consulted the school before officially because the dress was not approved.

“Since the principal and vice-principal changed in the 11th year, I was informed about the official booklet for only two weeks, which depended heavily on how the girl wore the dress,” Aloisi said. Says. ..

Aloisi also spoke with local radio station B105, saying that the school should have consulted before publishing edited and unedited versions of the photos.

“I remember telling the Vice-Principal,” I’m lucky to see it on a good day, “because if I’m not doing well or I have a physical problem, it can melt completely. “She said.

“My friend asked the company that took the picture if she could photoshop her bra, but I was the only one who used Photoshop in the group settings and didn’t realize until the photo came out. “

School edits official pictures of girls to get rid of cleavage

Source link School edits official pictures of girls to get rid of cleavage

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