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The permanent shot put event at the Tokyo Paralympics was controversial after three athletes, including Australia. Todd HogetsWas officially classified as “not started” after being considered late for the athlete’s call room before the competition on Tuesday night.

Ukraine, represented by Maksym Koval, who finally won the gold medal, protested that he was clearly absent when the three players were summoned.

Three athletes have been decided, but Hojet, Muhammad, Malaysia Jado Zorkefuri And in Ecuador Jordi Patricio Congo Vilalba -I was allowed to compete under protest because I didn’t attend “… in the call room at the right time on the schedule”.

In the competition, Zorkefuri broke the world record with a throw of 17.94 meters, but it was not counted.

World Para Athletics, with the support of Australia and Ecuador, heard the opposition movement by the Malaysian delegation, but decided to support the DNS classification and rejected it.

“Athletes were allowed to compete in protest while the referee was reviewing all the evidence as to why they were late for the call room,” he said in a statement.

“After reviewing the evidence, the referee determined that there was no good reason for the athlete not to report to the call room on time.

“Athletes have appealed this decision to the appealing jury. The jury has given the team the opportunity to present all relevant information before making the final decision. The appealing jury upheld the referee’s decision. , I checked the player’s result as DNS. “

The dramatic event on the track on Tuesday night didn’t seem to have influenced the schedule.

Schedule, medal tabulation, results, time, perspective, event

Source link Schedule, medal tabulation, results, time, perspective, event

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