SAS Australia: Ordinary Australians enrolled in Hell Week

Go over the celebrity. It’s time for us ordinary Australians to crack as they pass the SAS choices.

Following the success of SAS Australia this year, Seven has announced a four-part special event, SAS Australia: Hell Week. The event will feature “Daily Australians” who go to hell and come back in hopes of passing the course.

Teachers, fashion designers, housewives, dancers, miners, bodybuilders, surfers, and former federal police officers are among the 14 ordinary Australians who volunteered for the toughest and most intense SAS course ever attempted. It’s just a part.

Chief Instructor Ant Middleton says he needs a “special individual” to reach the end of the course

“The pain is constant and eliminates the vulnerable,” Middleton said in a statement.

“They will soon understand why it’s called Hell Week.”

Over the course of a week, new hires are pushed beyond limits and undergo extreme testing of physical, mental and emotional endurance in punishable situations without age or gender considerations or exceptions. receive.

Among the cast is WA miner and rugby player Carsten Thomson. Fremantle Roosters players describe themselves as “tomboys,” but they also like to enjoy the better of life on holidays.

Thomson’s dad worked in the army and spent eight years at SAS. Thomson played for the Women’s State of Origin team.

The second season of SAS Australia, which ended last night, reached more than 6.97 million Australians on TV, gained an additional 1.1 million viewers on 7plus, and averaged a total of 1.26 million viewers per episode. bottom.

Season 3 has already been confirmed and AFL greats Barry Hall and Wayne Carrie will be included in the next group of celebrities who are about to pass the selection.

SAS Australia: Hell Week begins Monday at 7:30 pm.

SAS Australia: Ordinary Australians enrolled in Hell Week

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