Sarah Harris’s brutal takedown by fashion designer Shane McConnell

Melbourne fashion designers attempted to provocatively remove Sarah Harris in a series of unfounded social media posts.

Melbourne fashion designers and obvious COVID-19 conspiracy theorists are targeting Studio 10He accuses the presenter of believing that “human rights are a conspiracy theory” and hosts Sara Harris in an astonishing social media rampage.

In an unprovoked rant, bridal designer Shane McCornell is on the label that bears his name. Instagram The story of attacking Harris-probably because she doesn’t believe Coronavirus It’s a hoax.

If you write a story vaccine “It was safe to work, so I didn’t have to order, force, deceive, or threaten the person asking the question,” McConnell angered Harris.

“Sarah Harris in Studio 10 lives for fear of fake viruses, so I find it interesting that ppl starves and is expelled from humanity,” he wrote.

“These TV ppls need to be closed. Their (sic) is always two-sided Sarah,” said the next story with an image of a comment left in one of Harris’ posts. I’m reading together.

“You need to be quiet about vaccines Sarah Harris. You are showing your NAZI side. There are human rights and choices,” I read a comment three days ago.

“Remember what is called the right that women have fought. Your paid agenda to push to the elderly is shameful. Your false beliefs acting on the screen are transparent. Your (original) (Sic) I’m helping to kill people. It’s embarrassing! ”

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Harris’s “laughs. Yes.” McConnell’s other comment did not discourage the designer.

“Stop pushing the on-screen agenda for @ whatsarahsnappedcovid19 path. It’s clear that you want to starve and isolate people for your poor safety,” he writes (today). I also share a photo of this comment about the series of stories in.)

“I don’t like people like you promoting all human rights on TV. You check again to see what it’s like to be human in front of God. You need to be ashamed.

“By the way, you can pretend that it’s funny to have someone who is allowed to live a naturally born life, but someone like you doesn’t have the last laugh.”

At one point, according to another McConnell story, Harris sent him a message stating that she was “quite surprised by your strange conspiracy theorist’s post.” .. She added that he wanted him to be “ok.”

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Apparently this wasn’t enough for McConnell, who rounded up his rant by proclaiming that Harris “believes that human rights are a conspiracy theory.”

The presenter pointed out an attack on his Instagram, shared one image of McConnell’s story, and wrote: (I don’t know why Shane is targeting me … but I’m here).

News.com.au is asking Harris for comment.

Sarah Harris’s brutal takedown by fashion designer Shane McConnell

Source link Sarah Harris’s brutal takedown by fashion designer Shane McConnell

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