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SA: Covid Care Center at Royal Adelaide Hospital as a State Brace in Case

South Australia is preparing for Covid-19 cases after the border has reopened within four weeks by establishing a Covid Care Center that allows infected people to be treated and avoid hospitalization.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall announced Thursday that he would be the first state in the country to set up a dedicated center to provide proactive patient professional services as needed.

He said that about 85% of people who catch the virus use a home quarantine app that takes care of them in their homes and checks their symptoms daily.

If further medical assistance is needed, a quick response care team led by a nurse can refer you directly to the hospital or Covid Care Center for treatment.

The first center was set up at the Royal Adelaide Hospital next to the emergency department and is estimated to cost about $ 5.5 million.

More will be announced in the coming weeks about other people appearing throughout the state.

Marshall said the investment was included in the state’s $ 123 million package aimed at preparing the health care system before the border opened.

“We have announced a roadmap to lift these border restrictions … Now we are taking all the steps necessary to ensure that we are Covid-enabled in South Australia.” He said.

Quick response presser

Emily Kirkpatrick, Deputy Public Health Officer at SA Health, said lessons learned from NSW and Victoria showed that the majority of Covid-positive patients can be managed at home with adequate support.

However, she allows the center to offer new therapies such as IV antibody infusion therapy, chest x-rays, and other forms of intervention, reducing the likelihood that patients will be admitted to the hospital or intensive care unit. Said it would be.

“Our first modeling suggests that we can accommodate about 50 patients per day across the state … (but) we don’t expect it to be huge at first,” Dr. Kirkpatrick said. Says.

“We believe this is an opportunity for people to stay home, get proper care on the escalation route, and get to the most suitable place.”

It was announced earlier this week that SA would open the border Fully vaccinated travelers from November 23, 80% of the eligible population will be fully vaccinated.

The limit is set to be further relaxed when 90% is double jabed.

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SA: Covid Care Center at Royal Adelaide Hospital as a State Brace in Case

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