Russian woman’s “horror” beauty treatment aged her overnight for 10 years | Photo

A cosmetic surgery woman, inspired by her boyfriend’s comments, shared a photo of a dramatic change in her face.

The woman said she “lost her face” hours and days after receiving the beauty treatment.

Russia’s Svetlana, 37, claims that this procedure destroyed her appearance and had the opposite intended effect of “irreversibly turning her 10 years old.”

“My skin was sagging like a rag and my face was completely away from my skull,” Svetlana said.

“The connection between the skin and the skull, the so-called facial ligaments, has disappeared.”

A criminal procedure is currently being filed in Russia, but Svetlana says her love life and career have been ruined and she has raised her voice to warn other women.

“I’m very scared,” she said.

“You disassemble as if you were killed – and look at it in the mirror every day.

“It’s as if my face melts and doesn’t stop.

“Doctors don’t know how to handle it.”

The 37-year-old said she wouldn’t have gone to a beautician with a few hints that this could happen.

Her problem began when a beautician advised her to remove an old lifting gel implant with an injection of Longidaza.

According to the Russian channel NTV, this is a multi-use Russian drug approved for use in many Western countries this year.

She said her boyfriend at the time sought treatment because she was “old” and “joking” that she was a young model.

However, architect Svetlana said she had abandoned her after undergoing surgery when things went awry.

Since then, she has been advised that the drug “destroys collagen” on her face and causes her “skin sagging.”

She went to the surgeon in March 2020 and claimed that Longidaza had guaranteed to break down the excess gel under the skin under her eyes.

She also received other treatments, such as injecting gel into her cheeks and nasolabial folds.

She said she received the enzyme and hyaluronic acid filler in one step.

“In the evening, I went to the mirror and saw my face begin to change,” Svetlana explained.

“The skin under my eyes has dried and literally fell off.

“In the morning, the amount of dry tissue under the eyes increased further.

“A rapid change was happening. My face was changing every hour.

“Within three days, not only the bottom of my eyes but also my upper eyelids were completely dry.

“The eyebrows have fallen and the outer corners of the eyes have fallen.

“I couldn’t understand what was happening.”

She was later told that the allergy-inducing anti-scarring drug Longidaza “has eaten up my tissue.”

“I wasn’t aware that it was irreversible at the time,” Svetlana said.

Later, her beautician, Dr. Irina Flymanis, injected more gel, but also used more new drugs, this time for free treatment.

The new filler caused her pain, but did not solve the exacerbating problem.

“After all these injections, I saw another person in the mirror every day,” Svetlana said.

“It was clear that some kind of chemical process was going on and the face was changing. This was really scary.”

Surgeons and ophthalmologists warned her that damage to her eye area would damage her eyesight.

“I stopped communicating with people, I hid myself,” she said.

“Everyone asked what happened to me, why I didn’t look like myself, what was wrong with my eyes.

“I continued to swell so much that I stopped leaving the house so that no one was afraid.”

The Covid face mask saved her from embarrassment, but she also wore big black glasses and a hat to completely cover her face.

“My face shrank like it did during mummification,” she insisted.

She went to the Russian investigative commission, which is currently investigating the case, and was medically checked while she was looking for an escape route.

“Some doctors told me:” Yes, this medicine eroded your face, it’s irreversible … “.

Her beautician, who disagrees with the case, was caught in a video saying, “Go and prove that you injected Longidaza.”

Svetlana said she was terribly regretted having been treated.

“Now, if you look at your photos and videos the other day, you’ll see that everything was good.”

“In most cases, women do not require any procedures.

“You just need to drink vitamins, eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle, but society imposes that stereotype on us and worship of beauty is actively imposed on us. “

By sharing her story, she “warns other girls and women … what happens to them?”

“I just wanted to correct the minimal age-related changes, but I didn’t even think that my face would be thrown away in a way that would sacrifice my entire life,” she said. I did.

“Two years ago I was successful. Everything went well. My career was on an upward track and everything went well.

“And this fatal mistake-my visit to a beautician-broken my life.”

Longidaza has been widely used in Russia and neighboring countries for 15 years.

It has respiratory and urological applications and is used to treat Covid-19 patients to help overcome respiratory problems.

The manufacturer says it has several uses in cosmetology.

The Commission is investigating the case and evaluating Svetlana’s allegations.

When faced with a claim from Svetlana, the doctor said in a video: “I don’t care what you brought … Goodbye, leave.”

at first Woman reveals how a trip to a beautician broke her life

Russian woman’s “horror” beauty treatment aged her overnight for 10 years | Photo

Source link Russian woman’s “horror” beauty treatment aged her overnight for 10 years | Photo

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