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Russian filmmakers head from the ISS to Earth

The Soyuz space capsule, carrying an astronaut and two Russian filmmakers, has separated from the International Space Station and is heading towards Earth.

The separation took place on Sunday at 0115 GMT (1215 AEDT), with Nowitzki, Julia Peresildo and Klimsipenko boarding with a descent of approximately three and a half hours.

Actress Peresild and film director Sipenko soar to the space station on October 5, at the station to film a segment of the film titled Challenge, in which Peresild’s surgeon rushes to the space station to save the crew. We had a 12-day stint. Urgent operation is required in orbit.

Nowitzki, who has been on the space station for over six months, plays the sick astronaut in the movie.

The space capsule is to land on the grasslands of Kazakhstan.

According to Russia, this is the first feature film shot in space, not a studio set on Earth. The United States will also make a movie there, but the date has not yet been decided.

Russian space agency Roscosmos also states that the purpose of the film is to make the industry more attractive to young people.

However, critics say the project was expensive and it was better to spend money on research.

Seven astronauts from Russia, Antonshkaprelov and Pyotr Dubrov, remain on the space station. Americans Mark Vande Hay, Shane Kimbro, and Megan MacArthur. Thomas Pesque of the European Space Agency. And Akihiko Hoshide from Japan.


Russian filmmakers head from the ISS to Earth

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