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Transportation customers in New South Wales are urged to find “alternative” travel arrangements leading up to industrial activity on Monday night. Members of the Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) will have an eight-hour stop from 8 pm Monday to 4 am Tuesday. Trainlink warns that strikes will affect passenger and freight services across the state during “the busiest week of the year.” Dale Merrick, CEO of NSWTrainLink, has called on the union to stop acting. “This is a serious mess, meaning that many regional and local customers will not be able to travel, travel with road coaches, or have other plans,” he said. .. “This specifically affects local customers and means they may not be able to go home on Christmas.” NSW Trainlink will temporarily suspend some intercity and community services from 3:30 pm on Monday. It will stop and resume at 5:30 am on Tuesday. They warned from the outage that “there will be a flow of effects later in the week.” “Workers support safety,” said Alex Claassens, RTBUNSW’s secretary. “We want basic hygiene, security and privatization efforts, and we can’t escape without the NSW state government providing them,” said Claassens. “These aren’t just issues that affect workers. These are issues that affect everyone on the train.” Claassens said RTBU said that the movement of freight trains would not be affected by this behavior. I said that I am doing it. “But we have taken all steps to ensure that significant cargo movements are completely unaffected, so people’s Christmas gifts and other important commodities will continue to pass through.” The strike said. It happens when the RTBU is negotiating a new corporate contract with the New South Wales state government. The key issues in the current negotiations are: Members of the Sydney Trains Australian Manufacturing Trade Union are also taking action on Monday. They require management to “show some respect and negotiate in good faith with these essential workers.” “Railroad workers continued to move the state throughout the pandemic. We had to fight for basic security protection from the Sydney Trains. Now we protect as our right. We are fighting to stay in a hard-earned state using the industrial behavior that has been done, “said NSW & amp; ACT and Sydney Trains worker Keeslang. “Sydney Trains wants to introduce a roster change that allows maintenance workers to be on the roster every weekend and night shift, which eliminates the possibility of balancing work and life.” News: Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest news in the area to the community. To continue to access trusted content:


RTBU’s Industrial Activities Affect New South Wales Holiday Trips | Newcastle Herald

Source link RTBU’s Industrial Activities Affect New South Wales Holiday Trips | Newcastle Herald

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