Rookie Draft, Andrew Abd, Peter Vandies, Bulldog, Tigers, Broncos, Cowboys

The NRL is considering the idea of ​​introducing a draft system to equalize the playing field between the roster of strong clubs and the roster of weak clubs.

The Daily Telegraph When the dolphins joined the party in 2023, the worst explosion season of 86 years occurred, and the NRL reportedly was able to consider a rookie draft and spread its talents to all 17 teams.

The Telegraph has announced that 38 of the NRL’s top 50 players come from six clubs: Panthers Storm, Rabitos, Sea Eagles, Eels and The Roosters. These clubs happened to be in the top six ladders last season.

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Andrew Abdo, CEO of the NRL, asserts that he needs to find ways to create a more balanced roster throughout the game by spreading his talent to play.

“We want the team to compete each season with real hope for competitiveness,” Abd said. The Daily Telegraph..

“In every competition in the world in every sport, clubs are on track and clubs are experiencing tougher times. They are declining and flowing.

“But as a governing body, we need to create and always think about ways to establish balance in the long run.

“There is no denying that there is a bay, but there are many factors, and we will closely monitor it over the next few seasons.”

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The easiest way to prevent the young and up-and-coming talents from advancing to the same six clubs is to introduce a rookie draft similar to that found in AFL.

At AFL, the worst teams of each season are most likely to climb the ladder by making their first pick in the draft each year.

He believes it will take time to make a draft and make a difference in balancing the team across the NRL, but Abd said the NRL will consider all options.

“Drafts are a great way to distribute young talent and are well used in other sports codes,” Abd said.

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“Because we are in the sports entertainment business, the Commission always considers the elements and tools that we have at our disposal to create exciting competition.

“There are technical reasons why drafts are not implemented in the NRL and we need to handle them.

“The overall idea is to develop and identify talent and spread it to all clubs in the competition.

“It’s hard to see it happen in the short term, but we’ll see it all.”

Rookie Draft, Andrew Abd, Peter Vandies, Bulldog, Tigers, Broncos, Cowboys

Source link Rookie Draft, Andrew Abd, Peter Vandies, Bulldog, Tigers, Broncos, Cowboys

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