Road to Rugby Championship 2021

SANZAAR recently announced the confirmation of the 12-game rugby championship 2021, including South Africa.

With four teams on the scene, Panorama is once again competitive and demanding for everyone and in some simultaneous aspects.

Transferring what was seen in Super Rugby New Zealand and Super Rugby AU to the possible All Blacks-Warraby clashes in Rugby Championship 2021 will make the game faster, but the number of penalties and turnovers allowed per game. Will increase. Speed ​​inaccuracy.

The adoption of an attack scheme by two drivers is intended to ensure faster possession and control of the ball.

To reach this stage, Australia needs better alternatives based on improved contact and aerial combat, and the replacement and integration of young men in critical positions such as the back row and flyhalf.

South Africa, the last world champion, has not competed internationally since the 2019 World Cup.

With the South African team incorporated into the former European PRO14 (now the Rainbow Cup), many players have returned to action. This is important to align the team with its core purpose, beyond the deterioration of the quality of the game. compete.

A similar thing happened in Argentina, suffering from the difficulties caused by COVID-19, and the team was dismantled between major European and Australian clubs.

Can they maintain and develop their competitive advantage based on the defensive advantage achieved in the Rugby Championship 2020?

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It’s a question we all ask ourselves, and the answer is fairly general in scope and common to all participants. Improvements must always be linked to the game’s identity and its cultural roots, while approaching the precision and dizziness that characterize the game. I will test rugby today.

In order to compare the abilities of participants throughout each edition of the contest (2012-2020), we have developed a comparative attack indicator that comprehensively considers and evaluates trial mark / reception (efficiency indicator) and clean break. Defeated defender (indicator of strength) and leadline gain and positive tackle (indicator of relative force).

Attack variables (marked tries, clean breaks, defender strikes) receive a 60% weight, and defense variables (positive tackles) or negative faces of the attack aspect (tris) receive a 40% weight.

New Zealand dominates the ratio of trials to move the indicator up (+123), far behind Australia and South Africa (no participation in 2020), as it is a clear “reward” indicator of the attack situation. I will. Finally, Argentina has significantly improved its defenses by exposing both New Zealand and Australia to high stress conditions.

People marching behind New Zealand have a clear list of tasks to check to deactivate all-black machines.

  1. 1. Build a strong defense
  2. 2. Take ownership and develop
  3. 3. Optimize the attack from the set piece
  4. 4. Quickly win failures and recycles or prevent your opponent from slowing down.

New Zealanders and Australians have several advantages over Argentina and South Africa because they are better suited for teams and players to compete regularly, coordinate roles and hone their skills.

However, it was Argentina that took the first step and made a notorious change based on defensive optimization, with a 13-2 structure (13 aligned, two backgrounds) that clarified the dynamics of New Zealand’s attacks. Is shown in).

Anyone who successfully performs a shift and status change between attack and defense will undoubtedly have the best chance of making history.

Road to Rugby Championship 2021

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