Rizzo fights back against the “disgusting” troll who slammed the see-through outfit

Rizzo uttered abusive rants aimed at “disgusting” trolls mocking see-through outfits.

“Truth Hurts” hit maker I wore a nipple pasties to cover her breasts under a clear crystal-covered gown She attended Cardi B’s birthday party earlier this week. The party spread by word of mouth after twisting a spinning ensemble.

Since then, Lizzo has visited Instagram Live and told keyboard warriors “away from my mother’s page.”

She insisted that everyone could say anything about her, but the 33-year-old singer is angry with the “contempt” that people are constantly facing on social media.

Camera iconLos Angeles, CA-October 12: Rizzo will be seen on October 12, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by JOCE / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images) credit: JOCE / Bauer-Griffin/GC image

She started as follows: “It’s very interesting to me that I’m wearing see-through clothes and people are angry about wearing see-through clothes.

“”[They’re saying], “I don’t like this” … Do you have an invoice to pay? Do you have a mouth to feed, including yourself? Do you have a life to live in? Would you like to fall in love and become friends? Do I have to do it? Read the news, b …., ho before I read you. f …! Why am i worried? “

The “juice” singer smoked as follows: Please keep your comments to your mother … self, b ….. let me do anything … I want to.

“Remember when people care about their business? #TBT when people care about their f … business. Boys back then. People A place where you can wear whatever you like and where your mother wasn’t … Parades, conversations, and commentary about it. “

She continued: “If people are mean to me, I don’t give f … I’m rich, b …., and I’m beautiful, and I’m a beautiful family I’m fine. I’ve made friends who love me … Do you think I’m worried about you? I’m not worried about everything. I’m We do this because we constantly look down on humans like sports.

“Every day, someone seems to look down on someone on the internet. Keep people alive, companions. Make people f …. Let them wear whatever they want … your f. ….. Be careful with your business. “

Rizzo then put her back on the screen and hit her back to conclude.

“Kis-My-Fat Black a .., b …….”

Rizzo fights back against the “disgusting” troll who slammed the see-through outfit

Source link Rizzo fights back against the “disgusting” troll who slammed the see-through outfit

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