Ric Ocasek’s widow Paulina Porizkova, 56, full front nude Vogue cover

Rocker Ric Ocasek’s widow, model Paulina Policekova, has raised “full front nudity” with a stunning new shoot.Warning: Nude

Paulina Porizkova has nothing to hide.

The widow of Czech-born Swedish supermodel and Cars rocker Rick Okaysec is a photo of the new cover of the May issue of Vogue Czechoslovakia, 40 years after the first Vogue cover for publication in Germany. It was almost unimaginable when shooting.

Policekova leans against the furniture of an apartment in Manhattan, by sharing a stunning photo showing a model of wavy shoulder-length hair, wearing only an ultra-thin black bodysuit. , Marked an Instagram milestone.

“Vogue CZ 56 Years Old Full Front Nude” Police Cowa captions read partially, Add a humorous note to the magazine’s creative director and editor-in-chief to “dare to do this”.

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Vogue CS also announced a new cover on social media, explaining that the issues that Policekova covers are “dedicated to time.”

“It’s not anti-aging, I don’t want to talk about aging. We recognize time as the only true life companion, not as an enemy. We are every moment of human life. I want the beauty of maturity. Even if the flowers fade, I am angry and celebrate. “ Outlets explain.

Policekova first decorated Vogue Germany at the age of 16. At the age of 56, she called this latest cover “one of the most fun and playful photo shoots I’ve ever done-probably in my life.”

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Stunner also emphasized in high fashion magazines that there are some shots of her “fully dressed” that could appease “a peep that has a problem with my lack of cover-ups.” ..

The veteran supermodel used the hashtags #BetweenJloandBettyWhite, # SexyHasNoExpirationDate, and # 40YearsLater to imply confidence in posing nudes at her age.

She also received a lot of praise in the comments section. “Beverly Hills Real Housewife” star Lisa Lina celebrated the cover of Policekova with multiple applause emojis. Sports Illustrated alum, Brooks Nader, replied, “Wow!” So did Padma Lakshmi.

“Love” model Elle Macpherson said. Others called Policekova’s shot “beautiful,” and some comments called her look “wonderful.”

Earlier this month, Policekova shared her thoughts on aging and even spoke to critics who may question her decision to expose her skin in her fifties.

“In my twenties, I was celebrated by appearing in lingerie. I made a lot of money for it and everyone loved me,” Policekova said at the Tamron Hall Show. Told. “I think lingerie looks great in my 50s, but the reaction is clearly disliked by everyone, but there is a lot of backlash.”

Policekova added that there is a general public consensus that women close to middle age should not expose their bodies.

“Perhaps when you get older when you have some kind of invisible boundary that happens in your mid-40s, you don’t look fertile anymore, it’s menopause,” she continued. ..

“And maybe it’s not allowed that sexy because you’re starting to look a bit like the moms of people. You’re allowed to be beautiful, you’re allowed to be handsome, you’re allowed to exist Being shocked and allowed to open his eyes, but not to be sexy. “

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In March, the model actually appeared on Instagram, revealing that she had undergone a cosmetology treatment and showing her followers the results online. She said she had received plasma pen treatment, a non-invasive procedure that helps to tighten and keep the skin wrinkle-free.

Apart from repeatedly talking about physical self-confidence on her Instagram, Policekova has also spoken out about her broken heart after the death of her estranged husband, Cars frontman Rick Okaysec. He died of hypertension and atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease in 2019 while recovering from surgery.

She and Ocasek share two sons.

This story originally appeared Fox news It will be reissued here with permission.

Ric Ocasek’s widow Paulina Porizkova, 56, full front nude Vogue cover

Source link Ric Ocasek’s widow Paulina Porizkova, 56, full front nude Vogue cover

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