Revival of mini, midriff and platform shoes

Of course it was likely to happen!

We have been trapped, anxious, and confused in a world that changes rapidly from one day to the next. So the fashion runway must have reflected this.

High fashion delivers responsive clothing in response to catastrophic world events. It doesn’t just react. I will retaliate.

At ready-to-wear, which just closed in Paris earlier this month, designers haven’t reaffirmed the comfortable basics we’ve lived in for the past two years. There weren’t many soft and vague clothes, wrapping items, and cocoons to lick wounds.

The message was “Come back, baby!”. And many of the lazy and useless motifs that designers consider women to look sexy – exposed midriffs, cutouts, skin-tight unitards, unreasonably high-heeled shoes, bras as tops, and microminiskirts.

Midriffs are back on the catwalk of Prada’s Spring / Summer 2022 collection. Photo: Prada

Miuccia Prada, as we knew, cut her work clothes with scissors to expose her torso, a metaphor for the destruction of corporate life.

That’s a legitimate comment, and the collection had beautifully wearable items such as blue cotton shirts, duster coats, chunky cotton trousers, and beaded skirt suits, but what caught my attention was tension. It was a packed, supple midriff sea.

In a world where body positivity is favored, if we don’t have a washbasin stomach, are we now willing to let it all hang out?

It’s a very delicate area for women and for men. I’ve never been hungry in my life. As most women prove, most of my weight goes straight there, and that’s even more true during menopause.

When someone touches my “belly” (and I hate the word with passion), I react as if I were tased. I liked the stomach only when I was pregnant with twins and looked like Hindenburg. Around the 6th month, a stranger liked to point out to me.

I think other people’s midriffs look nicely sexy, but they’re not mine. I’m surprised to see a literally flat stomach. I mainly think, “Wow, where did she put all her internal organs?”

Imagine sitting in a bikini and getting up and having a series of wrinkles on your taut stomach, not on your folds.I’ve reviewed the entire backlog Sex and the city Because I missed most of it in the first round for work / life / kids.

They all had the most spectacular flat mid riffs, given that they were at brunch, lunch, dinner and most often holding cocktails. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) was on display most of the time, With some of the weirdest outfits ever put together..

Re-appearing this season was Carrie, who rocked the “naked waist belt” look, and wonders if rebels, including the new generation size of this fab, will pick it up.

I hope so, because sucking your stomach for decades is exhausting.

Revival of mini, midriff and platform shoes

Source link Revival of mini, midriff and platform shoes

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