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Returnees get COVID-19 from another guest in quarantine at a hotel in Perth

Western Australian authorities are investigating a quarantine breach at another COVID-19 hotel after a traveler infects a nearby guest in Pan Pacific, Perth.

Western Australia Health said Tuesday that genomic testing confirmed that two men in an adjacent room at the end of the corridor had the same viral sequence.

Just one month after a security guard working at Pan Pacific became infected and infected two of his housemates with the virus.

Twelve guests staying on the same floor as the case obtained at the latest hotel left the quarantine after returning a negative test result on day 13.

You will be re-examined 3 and 7 days after you leave the country.

“It’s very unlikely they got infected because they were some distance apart because of the way the floors were installed,” Chief Health Officer Andy Robertson told reporters.

All guards who worked on the floor during the infection period have been negative in the last four days and all have been vaccinated.

Dr. Robertson said one of the infected men arrived at the hotel from Colombia via the United States on May 21. He tested positive after 2 days.

The man who was staying next door has been staying at the hotel since May 16th and showed two negative reactions before showing a positive reaction on the 13th day.

A family of three, staying face-to-face with one of the men, remained isolated and moved to a separate room.

All are negative and asymptomatic. They may be retested and quarantined for more than the standard 14 days.

It is not yet known how the virus spread between the two rooms.

WA Health said Pan Pacific advised that all rooms were negative pressure and were a factor in preventing airborne infections.

Robin Lawrence, the hotel’s quarantine officer, said the high risk of infection limits the use of rooms at the edge of the corridor.

“In the future, this is less likely to happen because of the different room configurations,” she said.

“As everyone in the country admits, hotel quarantine is not the best place to quarantine.”

The hotel’s quarantine was entered after the crew of the ship moored at the port of Kwinana tested positive, but it is now considered a historic event.

According to WA Health, a man in his twenties was retested and the virus was removed. He returns to the Allegra ship for departure.

Prime Minister Mark McGowan had previously stated that he would like the ship to depart before the arrival of the plane carrying the Australians repatriated from India on Wednesday.

He said WA could not accept any more infected crew members because of the risk of overwhelming the quarantine hotel.

The other 22 crew members are ill.

Returnees get COVID-19 from another guest in quarantine at a hotel in Perth

Source link Returnees get COVID-19 from another guest in quarantine at a hotel in Perth

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