Research finds a new C.1.2 Covid variant “worse than Delta” detected in South Africa

With the discovery of a new “worst day” Covid variant, health experts are afraid to move nearly “twice as fast” as the deadly Delta strain.

The “worst day” Covid variant was detected in South Africa. There is a warning that it is worse than the Delta variant.

NS New preprint research According to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in South Africa, the new variant is “significantly mutated” and warns that it has more mutations than the original virus detected in Wuhan. Other variants Previously detected.

A new variant, known as C. 1.2, first appeared in South Africa, but has also been detected in the United Kingdom, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland.

It can pose challenges for first-generation vaccines. Scientists say British people infected with previous variants may be vulnerable to reinfection.

Epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding said the study found that new mutants were “significantly mutated” and were more mutated from the original virus than any other mutant ever detected worldwide. He said it suggests a lot.

“What do you mean? This means that the C12 variant is somehow so fast and much more mutated that it is the most mutated variant ever found. It’s the original Wuhan. Mutated the maximum genetic distance from the 1.0 strain – and represents a potential problem with the 1.0 vaccine, “he said.

“It gets worse with C12. It has a mutation rate 1.7 to 1.8 times faster than the average of all other variants. The authors agree that this is consistent with the appearance pattern of other very bad VOC variants. It states that it is.

“Think of this as a hurricane warning for the next potential variant.”

The new study has not yet been peer-reviewed, but experts say the finding emphasizes the risk of abandoning the basics of infection control.

This means that washing hands, keeping a social distance, and perhaps even using masks among vaccinated people, will remain a front-line defense for some time to come.

The genetic variation of SARS-CoV-2 is not new. They appear throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and circulate around the world.

Variant of concern is categorized as having evidence of increased infectivity, more serious illness, increased hospitalization or mortality, and decreased effectiveness of treatment or vaccine.

Currently, the delta variants that are causing confusion in New South Wales, Victoria, and around the world are classified as variants of concern.

The original Alpha strain of Covid, which emerged in the United Kingdom and was previously considered the most contagious before the arrival of Delta, is another.

However, there are categories of variants that are considered even more serious. Scientists call this a “high-impact variant.”

So far, no variants have emerged that have a significant impact on the pandemic. If so, it is a variant that has demonstrated its ability to overtake the vaccine, with more serious clinical illness and increased hospitalization.

Currently, experts state that no SARS-CoV-2 mutants are elevated to levels of significant consequences.

“Currently, four variants of concern (alpha, beta, gamma, delta) and four variants of interest (eta, iota, kappa, lambda) are in circulation around the world,” said a South African research paper. increase.

“Of these, alpha, beta and delta are the most influential in the world in terms of transmission and anti-immunity, and delta is rapidly replacing other variants to become globally dominant, including South Africa. rice field.

“Ongoing genomic surveillance in South Africa also detected an increase in the sequence assigned to C. 1 during the third wave of SARS-CoV-2 infection in May 2021. This was in South Africa. Unexpected since the first identified C.1 was last detected. January 2021. Comparing these with the mutation profiles of the older C.1 sequence (containing only the D614G mutation in the spike). , It was clear that these new sequences were substantially mutated. “

In this study, C. The mutation rate of 1.2 strains was found to be about 41.8 mutations per year, which is almost twice the current overall mutation rate of other mutants.

Covid variant “more infectious than delta variant”

Scientists have warned for weeks that a new variant that is more infectious than Delta is imminent.

Former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said last month that he predicted that it could appear on Fox News channel “The Story” soon.

“You know we worked with the UK variant. Everyone thought it was pretty bad, it was twice as infectious, but behold, after three or four months we have a delta variant It was, and now it’s the dominant variant in the United States, “he said.

“Within a few months, another variant will be created and that variant will be more infectious than the Delta variant.”

Initially published as follows The “Doomsday” Covid variant detected in South Africa is even worse than the Delta strain

Research finds a new C.1.2 Covid variant “worse than Delta” detected in South Africa

Source link Research finds a new C.1.2 Covid variant “worse than Delta” detected in South Africa

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