Renee Gracie wants to race at Bathurst 1000

Renee Gracie’s bid for her return to the sport she named is arguably a non-starter, and V8 Supercars officials slap the bid for the porn star Bathurst 1000 Wildcard.

There is no doubt that a colorful ex-driver can bring new life to the sport she says is boring.

“Not many women have raced, not to mention women who have raced and pornographically before,” she said.

“I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this sport.

“I don’t think anyone in Australia can generate the interest I’m attracted to.

“That would be huge. The V8 is pretty boring at the moment — we couldn’t survive the entire race this year.

“It’s a lot of repetition and not very advanced, so I’ll turn it off after a few laps. This sport was much better in terms of action four or five years ago.”

Gracie, who was part of Bassert’s first all-women team in 2015, said she could launch her own team and attract thousands of fans.

“I think it’s entirely possible that I’ll be the target of a wildcard,” she said.

But she first has to overcome the obstacles of being a supercar official.

“It’s just a promotional stunt,” said one source. “She uses sports to sell more videos.

“It doesn’t happen, so it’s not even worth commenting.”

In July, Gracie said she had made $ 4 million since she abandoned her lap times, apex and brake balance, took her heart off track, and especially some of it home. $ 350,000 Mercedes AMG GT..

The 26-year-old also shared stripping $ 27,000 from $ 2,700 in cash she received from her boyfriend as a “co-star fee.”

The amount depends on multiple factors, such as the activity played on the screen and the length of the clip shared by OnlyFans.


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“It depends on what we are doing and what is popular,” she said.

“My page is visited by so many people that it literally changes from month to month.”

Gracie has been with her boyfriend for about 20 months and said the romance was “really working.”

His appearance on the clip is generally restricted to his body “below the waist” and the pair engages in “strange things of all kinds”.

“I receive so much demand for X, Y, Z and then meet the demand. I think it’s the first video we’ve ever made ($ 27,300),” she said. rice field.

“It really depends on the video and what we’re doing, but it’s (at least) a few thousand US dollars for every video we do. That’s what I pay him.”

Australia’s first full-time female supercar driver also recently revealed that her racy content has led to dumping from a range of major social media platforms.

In January she insisted on her Feeled like Donald TrumpThe former US president shares her plight after cracking down on a digitally banned host.

Camera iconHer new Mercedes Benz and Renee Gracie.
Simona de Sylvestro and Renee Gracie at the 2015 Bathurst 1000.
Camera iconSimona de Sylvestro and Renee Gracie at the 2015 Bathurst 1000. credit: Robert Cyanflone/Getty Images

“I feel like Donald Trump,” she said at the time.

“When I told my dad that I was banned, he said,’You did Donald Trump,’ and I said I wasn’t instigating violence – make love, not war. ..

“He (President Trump) is an example of how these social media platforms are starting to take responsibility. Last week we proved that.”

Gracie isn’t the only Australian athlete to move to porn.

Former professional surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey was forced to defend her decision to join the list of famous Instagram stars. OnlyFans using adult content online last year..

Australian tennis pro Angelina Graobak also returned to serve after a backlash Make up for her income with an adult subscription service..

Renee Gracie wants to race at Bathurst 1000

Source link Renee Gracie wants to race at Bathurst 1000

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