Removing social media anonymity does not solve the vandalism issue

Scott Morrison’s recent announcement of the “anti-troll” social media law requires businesses to identify anonymous users, a much more important issue in reality: the Big Tech business model. It distracts you from that role. Amplifies the troll.

Social media companies encourage and benefit from hatred. The algorithm is designed to amplify the most sensational and extreme content. Big tech companies know that content that provokes extreme reactions is more likely to win clicks, comments, or shares, and is therefore more profitable. In this way, they pass the AI-enhanced megaphone to the troll.

Algorithms on social media platforms amplify sensational and extreme

These “engagement-based ranking” algorithms, as they are called on Facebook, keep users away from subtle discussions towards extreme and angry content.

Ending anonymity unknowingly extends Big Tech’s gaze into our lives by requiring identification and verification on the platform. Due to their greedy data acquisition practices, Big Tech’s line of sight is already in full swing.

Facebook already knows your mobile phone’s unique ID number, the IP address most relevant to your login, and in some cases the exact GPS location. No one, including trolls, is already really anonymous.

And, as Digital Rights Watch claims, requiring an additional identification system of this kind Disproportionately harm the group that has reached its limit: Real name policies can harm the real world. Women, people of color, and people with disabilities are all given the protection they deserve and justify when they can travel online anonymously.

Chasing anonymous trolls may seem appealing, but you need to pursue policies that are based on real evidence. research Suggests that if you use your real name, you can be more active online than if you don’t.

Check out all the confirmed Twitter accounts that have been suspended, or glance at some of the best comments from Nextdoor (a hyperlocal app that checks your address and connects you to your real neighbors). You can check the operation. People are often ready to troll, even where they know their identity.

Removing social media anonymity does not solve the vandalism issue

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