Reminds Keanu Reeves to be Hollywood’s kindest actor

Hollywood’s kindest actor, Keanu Reeves, is making headlines again for all good reasons after his revelation. speed The co-stars want to make his 68th movie with him before they get too old.

Talk to Esquire magazine 57-year-old profile with long format features and photography matrix When John wick Star Sandra Bullock shared her views on the master and suggested that a third movie could be made together. cocoon thing”.

Brock, 57, was one of several female co-stars who shared a frank and personal story. EsquireWhy Reeves has become immortal as the most generous, talented, thoughtful and compassionate celebrity ever.

He’s just breathtaking.

Reeves and Brock worked together in the 1994 action thriller speed – Often explained as: “that Die Hard In a bus movie “ – As FBI agent Jack Traven, Brock, as a young and brave Annie, saves all passengers from death when safely maneuvering the explosive-filled LA Bus 2525.

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock never had a romantic relationship, but they certainly fell in love with each other. Photo: AAP

Block starring again with Reeves Lake house (2006) talked about the moment of their bond and generosity he showed after hanging out together a year later. speed On behalf of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Julia Roberts, both became new kids in the Hollywood block and hit the cinema.

She said in a conversation with Reeves that she had never eaten champagne and truffles and unjustly mentioned that she only appeared at the door with flowers, champagne and truffles a few days later.

“I just wanted to try champagne and truffles and see what they look like.”

She recalls that they sat on the couch, poured champagne, opened the truffles, and said, “Keanu dabbled without a word,” Brock painted his nails black, just like she did. increase.

“That’s what makes you crazy,” Brock told the magazine.

“When I first met him, I spent as much time as I could fill the silence just to feel comfortable.

“And the more I play Jibajabar, the quieter he gets. And I thought I couldn’t understand what was going on! He’s looking at me with confused eyes. He’s quiet. ..

“Did I say anything to offend him? And a day or two later he arrived with a note or a small package and said,” I thought about what you said. ” And he will have his response.

“How many people do you know like that?”

Brock and Reeves had chemistry speedNot just after getting everyone off the bus and having a romantic moment.

It was another romantic moment when she was rescued by him on a runaway train wearing a vest full of explosives.

Now Brock thinks they can do it all again.

“I don’t like anything other than comedy with Quinoa before we die. Laugh with him. He’s funny.

“We can be 75 years old-it will be even better like an old man cocoon thing.

“We’re playing two funny old men. Road trip. Take the RV as an old man. It’s the bookend. speed. Drive really slowly. Open up the world.

“We have a movie.”

Keanu Reeves calls everyone breathtaking. Photo: Netflix

Keanu’s breathtaking moment

Reeves sitting together Esquire Promote in Paris Matrix Resurrections, The 4th movie franchise, and to the movie John Wick: Chapter 4, Became a legend with his random kindness.

There are dozens of moments we know, and dozens more moments of disguise, including his generous donations to a children’s hospital.

He used to sneak into the theater and watch John Wick 3 In 2019, we are about to get popcorn and M & M.

On the way home, I bought ice cream, took the receipt and handed the autographed signature to the young staff in the back room.

Also that year, shooting Bill and Ted, He stopped and spoke to a fan who left a breathtaking sign in front of him.

“Several cars stopped, but then the cars stopped and he was there! He actually stopped! What a hell!” Stacy Hunt wrote.

He became a trend on Twitter after he began to notice that fans weren’t touching women when they were being photographed with them.

He was called the “King of Respect”.

Man The magazine reported that Reeves surprised him John Wick: Chapter 4 A stunt team with a Rolex watch – “the best wrap gift ever”.

In 2003 he presented 12 matrix Stuntmen each stuntman a Harley-Davidson motorcycle after a tough battle scene that left them in the ice bath.

HuffPost After a flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles, he reported that he had to make an emergency landing at Bakersfield. He entertained fellow passengers with the fun facts about Bakersfield and played Bakersfield Sound music for everyone in the van, arranging the transportation of everyone to LA. ..

After that, Reeves was asked to name the three films he made that best represent the humble star.

He unpacks it Esquire: “Do you get to know me or get to know my work? Because if you get to know me …” he says with this in mind.

“I think you can do that through my work.”

“Are you going to give me three? Okay. Three movies. Man. Uh.

“OK, let’s get started matrix – And when I say matrix, Let’s do a trilogy – – It’s one.

“Let’s do it Defender of the Devil [Reeves reportedly took a pay cut to get Al Pacino on board to play the Devil]..

“Let’s do it … there needs to be some action, so let’s do it. Break through one point.. “

Reminds Keanu Reeves to be Hollywood’s kindest actor

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