Reliable hairstyles when reopening the salon

With New South Wales closing the blockade and Victoria not too late, returning to the hairdressing shop is on the to-do list of millions of Australians.

Enough time for the bangs to grow and the roots to reappear left some of us reaching for the dye in the bottle and trying. “Chop yourself” cut..

There’s nothing wrong with DIY, but for those who prefer professional treatment, the salon’s reopening didn’t come immediately.

Windsor volume hair Marissa Jannas said New Daily Her team and clients are excited to return to the salon, especially when people are preparing to meet friends and family again.

And catching up means an opportunity for “great exposure.”

“Blonde summer”

Jannas predicts this will be a “blond summer” and people are looking for hair resumption as they break out of the blockade.

“Whether it’s a highlight or variety, it’s definitely one of the key looks. It makes the biggest difference,” she said.

Spring and summer are all about warm, natural blonde tones and rich, creamy browns such as chestnuts, pralines and latte.

You can also see more shadowing on the ombre roots and foil.

Short hair gets chops

The color will start styling and the long hair will come back.

“Last year it was all clavicle, but this year it’s long,” she said.

Good news for those who have resisted the urge to get scissors at home.

In time for dinner

Demand for evening hairstyles will return as restaurants and bars reopen.

Some people choose something that is easy and refreshing, while others do everything.

Consider a 1970s disco. The middle part, messy bread, and hair are fixed behind the ears in a wave and half-up style.

For those who want more time and prefer a magnificent entrance, Snooky bump It will be all anger.

Does anyone care?

People have become accustomed to doing nothing during the blockage, including hair.

So do they choose “less maintenance” hairstyles?

Hairdressers aren’t magicians, and taking care of their hair between appointments is the best way to achieve great style with less effort, Jannas said.

“Good hair will give you low maintenance.”

The trick is to use salon-approved shampoos and hair treatments.

“Grombre” method

As reported by New DailyIt is also a trend that it naturally turns gray.

However, Jannas said there is art to maintain a shiny and healthy look during the transition to gray.

Mature women need to consider toner to give their white hair life and shine-and it also makes it easier to care for.

let’s do it

The client is excited to return to the beauty salon, wants to go out and meet people, and wants to do his best.

In Sydney, the phone gets hot and there are social media posts from several salons that promise that clients canceled with COVID will be called back first.

Royals operates four salons across Sydney, and stylists began construction on Monday as New South Wales relaxed regulations.

According to Instagram, the trend is already emerging and clients are choosing spring / summer highlights and longer lengths.

Get your hair down, not a hairdresser

The best thing about the beauty industry is seeing the final result, Yannas said.

The look and feel come together and clients can be uplifted with simple cuts and small changes.

“I find it wonderful to see the results bear fruit, it’s really, really, it can change people’s overall perception of themselves,” she said.

And if you don’t like any of this season’s “in” looks, Jannas said the options are endless so clients can choose how they want to express their hair with new techniques and colors. ..

Reliable hairstyles when reopening the salon

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