Red Bull suspends junior and reserve drivers

Dan McCarthy

Red Bull Racing has stopped Juri Vips, a driver of the Red Bull Racing Academy, one of the reserve drivers, shortly after the racist terminology.

Vips was playing a livestreaming video game on Twitch when he used the word “N” in the middle of a battle.

At the moment of the incident, Red Bull Racing issued a statement online confirming that the Estonians have been suspended and will not return until a full investigation has been conducted.

“Red Bull Racing immediately suspended junior driver Juri Vips from all team missions while waiting for a full investigation of the case,” it read.

“As an organization, we condemn all kinds of abuse and have an intolerant policy of racist language and behavior within the organization.”

One of Red Bull Racing’s reserve drivers, Vips, has made his F1 practice debut in Spain and is one of the drivers competing to step up to AlphaTauri next year or 2024, which is a big blow to these hopes. Give.

The 21-year-old boy very apologized for what happened and said he would support the investigation process.

“I would like to generously apologize for the offensive language used in today’s live game stream,” he wrote on social media.

“This word is completely unacceptable and does not describe the values ​​or principles I have.

“I deeply regret my actions. This is not an example I would like to set. I will fully cooperate with the investigation.”

It’s not yet clear what this means for Vips’ FIA Formula 2 Championship campaign at the High Tech Grand Prix.

He is currently in 7th place in the ranking. He could be much higher after crashing from the Azerbaijan feature race when he was leading with only a few laps left.

At the peak of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, current NASCAR champion Kyle Larson said the same words on the live stream.

Not only was he interrupted, he was fired by Chip Ganassi Racing and forced to stand by for the rest of the season.

He returned to NASCAR in 2021 with Hendrick Motorsport and won the title.

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Red Bull suspends junior and reserve drivers

Source link Red Bull suspends junior and reserve drivers

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