Record Queensland Native Title Claims

A federal court ruling recognized 79,412 square kilometers of land in northern Queensland as the state’s largest indigenous claim of ownership.

The people of Kuuku Ya’u and Uutaalnganu have been awarded 210,000 hectares of land at Cape York, and Kuuku Ya’u is recognized as a 120,268 hectare indigenous title holder in the countries around Lockhart River.

This is the third successful claim of Kuuku Ya’u’s indigenous title, and the elders helped with this decision.

“I get the clapboard and sing,” said Elder Fr. Brian Claudi.

A 71-year-old from the Kanthanampu subgroup said land awareness is crucial for generations that emerge across generations, especially children in the region.

For the Uutaalnganu people, their indigenous ownership claims will extend to more than 98,324 hectares south of the Rockhart River.

Wayne Butcher, the traditional owner and mayor of the Rockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council, said the indigenous title claim was justice to his people.

“It’s one of those processes that takes a lot of time, but I think it has achieved justice for many old men who are no longer with us,” Butcher said.

“When we return to the country again, we will be healthy and happy.

“It’s very important mentally and mentally to get back there with the recognition of native titles.

“We will be more relaxed now.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Partnership Minister Craig Crawford added that this decision was a step towards reconciliation with the indigenous peoples of Queensland.

“The elders of Kuuku Ya’u and Uutaalnganu have been fighting for their land and waters for decades, which marks a new step in the pursuit of justice,” he said. Told.

“The Government of Parasek is committed to correcting the mistakes of the past.

“We are proud to stand with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for the path to the treaty, telling the truth and continuing the reconciliation.”

Around Queensland, native titles are recognized over approximately 532,100 square kilometers, with an additional 352,900 still being billed.

The state recognizes more than 30 percent of its land in indigenous ownership.

Record Queensland Native Title Claims

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