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The food was a call from Reynold Poernomo. As a kid, he saw his parents work hard at the Sydney restaurant Bali Sunrise, and in high school, Poernomo hone his chocolate tempering skills while his friends were playing sports. His parents had other plans for his son and encouraged him to study at college. After managing a one-year nutrition course, he dropped out to help his mother in his “pastry kitchen” at home. His life changed in 2015. Poernomo ranked in the Top 24 of MasterChef Australia and finished fourth in the series. He then opened the KOI Dessert Bar in Chippendale with his mother and siblings and was a finalist in Vault & amp ;. The Milhaud Pastry Chef of the Year was awarded in 2017 and was named to Forbes Asia under the age of 30 in the same year. Poernomo returned to the MasterChef Australia: Back to Win television screen and surprised viewers with his work. One imaginative dish provided a culinary interpretation of Alice’s Ideas in Wonderland, featuring cloud-soft Dulse diplomat cream, vanilla caramel, pistachio sponge, and lime yogurt foam. As a finishing touch, pour warm caramel sauce into the dish, melting the base of the dessert and revealing a rabbit hole, similar to the concept of a classic story. Now he has a book with his name. Dessert game. “It’s for everyone,” he said. “It’s not a lot of information that can be pretty overwhelming, it’s a book that can show readers that it’s not impossible for me to achieve and master complex desserts.” It is aimed at cooks of all levels, from home baker to professional chefs to those unfamiliar with pastries. “My favorite recipes are custard pudding and basque cheesecake. These are just classics and never get tired of it,” says Poernomo. “My favorite flavor combination in the book must be moss. Caramel, pistachios, apples and yogurt with matcha.” Poernomo’s love for food quickly refined into desserts. “Desserts were known as’everything must be perfect, otherwise the recipe will fail’, but I wanted the recipe to be flexible and free,” he said. .. “This has allowed us to expand our creativity in this complex food space.” Poernomo is busy working at KOI’s flagship store and new venture Monkey’s Corner.Wheat Biscuit Base Lime Ganash Cheesecake Mousse Blueberry Jelly Passion Fruit Curd Lime Jelly Chantilly Cream Assembly


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Recipe: Reynold Poernomo Cheesecake Slice | Newcastle Herald

Source link Recipe: Reynold Poernomo Cheesecake Slice | Newcastle Herald

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