Rebel Wilson recalls sexual harassment by a male co-star


Actress Rebel Wilson talks about the moment of “terribly disgusting” #MeToo, who was sexually harassed by a male co-star who tried to “destroy” her career.

Talk to people In a Friday magazine, Wilson revealed that she was harassed by an unnamed actor in a movie set a few years ago.

“He called me into the room and put down his pants,” Wilson, 42, told the magazine.

She said she was asked to act lasciviously in front of an actor’s friend.

Wilson chose not to reveal the identity of the man or when the incident occurred, but said it happened before the #MeToo movement.

“All subsequent actions-this was all before #MeToo-they tried to destroy me and my career,” she said.

“If that happened after #MeToo, I could have blown them up.”

This isn’t the first time an Australian-born actress has talked about an aggressive approach from a male co-star. In 2017 she Revealed one male actor While his friend was filming it, he was asking her to “enter the room with him … and stab my finger into his ass.”

“I repeatedly said no and eventually got out of the room,” she said at the time.

“There is still a generation of Hollywood power brokers who behaved like the Stone Age.”

The allegations followed an interview earlier this week, Wilson revealed in it. The doctor urged her to lose weight and become “healthy” when she wanted to give birth to a baby.

It’s unclear if Wilson mentioned the same incident this week.

The pitch perfect Alum, who also holds a law degree from the University of New South Wales, people This week she knew she would record a shocking incident for legal reasons.

Wilson also said he called agents and people “industry associates” to convey what happened.

“I got a specific thing in writing about what happened,” she said.

“Definitely in the industry, I made sure people knew what happened.

“I thought even complaining to my agency was a big step. And complaining to the studio. I found out that I was like the fourth person to complain about the man. It’s such a terrible behavior, but many women make it much worse. “

However, Wilson said he regrets not taking a stricter stance towards criminals. magazine She stayed to finish the movie despite the allegations.

“I should have left. It wasn’t worth it. But at the same time, I was like,” Well, do the right thing, become a professional, and complete the movie. ” I will never do it now, “she said.

“If that happened again, I would probably stand up more for myself, thanks to the courage of the other women who stood up and gave me the opportunity now.”

In 2017, Wilson said he knew he was lucky to be able to escape from meeting co-stars and meeting top-notch directors in hotel rooms.

“I understand that not everyone is so lucky,” she said.

“It’s very sad to hear that sexual harassment and assault are rampant.

“I know my story isn’t as scary as other women and men have explained, but if you’ve ever experienced something like this, I feel you and have some relationship. Can be built.

Rebel Wilson recalls sexual harassment by a male co-star

Source link Rebel Wilson recalls sexual harassment by a male co-star

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