Rebel Wilson Hosts Bufftus in March

Actress Rebel Wilson jokingly posted a clear reference to the Duke of York following the news of her weight loss and hosting this year’s EE Bafta Film Awards.

In her Instagram post, she said:

“It’s going to be a lot of fun! I don’t want to put pressure on this-I know I’m not fat anymore so I won’t be funny.

“And I don’t use my nerves to’sweat’because I have a peculiar medical condition that I can’t sweat … or people are disappointed because of my adorable Australian accent. Gives a pleasant sensation.

“So basically, I would just be there to hang out with Dame Judi Dench, and together we try to join with Daniel Craig, and yes, I’m” It means “join”.

“This show is a celebration of the anniversary of important British film franchises such as HARRY POTTER instead of CATS. Everyone will love it. I’m sure we’ll see you on March 13th!”

The nominations will be announced on February 3rd and the ceremony will take place on March 13th.

Rebel Wilson Hosts Bufftus in March

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