Raiz Invest Announces Board Change

Raiz Invest Stuart Grimshaw has announced that he will be appointed as a non-executive director from December 1, 2021.

Grimshaw, who has a 35-year career in financial services, is also expected to chair the Audit and Risk Committee.

His recent position was CEO and Director of EZCORP Inc, a Nasdaq-listed company that participated as an executive chair in November 2014. Prior to joining EZCORP, he was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Queensland.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand and an MBA from the University of Melbourne, Grimshaw has held senior management positions at several international banking and financial companies throughout his career.

A former Olympic athlete representing New Zealand in hockey at the 1984 Olympics, he was also a non-executive chair at Cash Converters International Ltd and a board member at Suncorp Ltd.

Raise Chairman Harvey Kalman said: “Stuart brings a wide range of capital markets and financial services experience to the board as both senior management and directors. The fact that EZCORP’s business has made a significant presence in Latin America is the business of Indonesia and Malaysia. Will bring an additional skill set when you are ready to integrate and enter the Thai market. “

Grimshaw said: “Raiz has been a huge success among Australian wealth management fintech start-ups. Not only does it have a solid foothold in the Australian market, but it also has the vision of bringing microsavings and investment models to growth markets in Southeast Asia. Was there.

“I think my experience accumulated over the last 35 years through various duties in financial services entities and regions is ready to make a significant contribution to the company.”

Grimshaw will replace David Gordon on the board of directors of Raiz Invest Limited on December 1, 2021. David helped establish and lead Instreet Investment Limited in 2007. George Lucas was reorganized into Raiz Invest Limited in 2018.

“I can’t thank David for helping the company over the last 14 years,” Kalman added.

Raiz Invest Announces Board Change

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