Rabbitohs vs Roosters: Steve Mavin’s Scoring Atonement Story

Steve Mavin is probably always the best remembered It The final will face the Raiders in 1987.

It The game saw him make some early fumbles, Twenty minutes later, he gets hooked on director George Piggins..

The devastated Mavin left the Sydney Cricket Ground and left the field for the Cauliflower Hotel in Waterloo. There were two schooners and I saw the bunny lose 46-12.

But there is a lesser-known second act on Mavin’s stupid career that deserves to be said as well.

Just 19-year-old Mabin, crazy about the Raiders, wondered if his career in South had already ended and he was dusting. The times were different at that time. It’s before the day of tapping the back, “You’re right, buddies, next time you’ll get them.”

It turns out that he didn’t have to wait for redemption.

The next season, 1988, was a time of change for Rabbit, and the Foundation Club moved all home games from Redfern Oval to the recently completed Moore Park Sydney Football Stadium.

South dragged in the second half of the first match on the ground in the second round against local rival The Roosters.

Join Steve Mavin, who was playing on the right wing that night.

“It was a broken play, and I think Bronco Jura threw the ball at me,” says Mabin. Sports news The last few minutes of the match.

“I always like to tell this story because there is Trevor Gilmeister in front of me and he is a legend.

“He wasn’t that big, and I was pretty big-I was 90 kg when I was 15.

“One of my great strengths has always been the old kiwi side step. It’s just getting lower and outpacing people.

“That’s what I did for Treve there. I managed to get over him and saw the defense come, but it went down and recorded a try.”

The moment of victory in Mabin’s match at the end of the harsh treatment of the Raiders just six months ago was special.

“It was fun. Phil Blake came and tried to pick me up, but I realized I was too heavy,” he says.

“Mario was ecstatic and he jumped into the mountains. It was a very happy memory for me. He was very happy and walked back with his arms raised.

“He grabbed Tugger – Craig Coleman – and picked him up and put it on his shoulder.

“I was Shocker at the end of the 1987 season. I was lucky to be back on the team that year.

“It was a bit of a redemption. Obviously, when you had Shocker and your team was eliminated, there was no reimbursement for it, but it was a good day.

“That day, I went to Penthouse from shit in Mario’s eyes.”

Mavin outperformed the Roosters and finished his South career in six games with four wins and five tries.

The tally also includes two outings against the Electric Martin’Chariots’ Offia in 1989.

At the time, Rabbitohs-Roosters rivals existed, but they weren’t as hot as they are these days.

“I used to get up, but it wasn’t as intense as it is now. It wasn’t as intense as when I played Dragons and Manly,” he said.

“Many Ondori fans say South supporters have no teeth. They are latte shippers and think they are too good for others.

“It’s really stereotyped, but both teams have great supporters in all areas.

“I have friends who are fans of roosters and I have a lot of jokes. It’s a shame they are roosters.”

Mavin believes that the rivalry actually began after the Super League War and Russell Crowe’s involvement in the bunny.

“When the era of Russell Crowe came and the book of feuds came out, I think it really evolved, and now it’s more talked about,” he said.

“The Super League War was probably part of it. South remains solid at ARL, and many have long memories of it.

“There are several reasons, but it’s a healthy rivalry and it will certainly be held again this weekend.”

Rabbitohs vs Roosters: Steve Mavin’s Scoring Atonement Story

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