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TAFE NSW described the Singleton Campus as a “surplus to requirements” and documented it on 19 sites for full or partial sale. MP Courtney Houssos released a document dated September 4, last year, at a hearing on Thursday at the Skills and Tertiary Education Budget Estimates. The document sought approval from Jeff Lee’s Minister of Technology and Higher Education for nine divestments, including last year’s Singleton, and approval for the start of plans for ten divestments this year. Lee approved the sale of the Scone campus on August 6, last year. News: “One of the Singleton campuses, as the rest of the site may be sold to the Ministry of Education and is integrated into some of the sites where training is retained, which does not affect service delivery. It is advisable to sell the department. “The document said. The government has a $ 3 billion land and real estate sales target for the four years to June 2023, and the” education cluster “is 90 million. He said he would donate dollars. TAFE is expected to contribute $ 1.31 million in fiscal year 2020 and $ 2.4 million in fiscal year 2021. Lee and Steffen Faurby, managing director of TAFENSW, said Thursday that they can’t remember seeing the document. Lee said his chief of staff had signed “not approved.” Document space for signatures by Gwendy Arnot, then general manager of TAFE infrastructure NSW, and then chief executive officers Catherine Grummer and Mr Faurby was blank. Forby said this is an overview of the “draft” and indicates that it is not a formal recommendation. Since then, Lee said Mudgee and Goulburn have been sold and the proceeds have been reinvested in TAFE infrastructure. He approved the sale of Glenfell and withdrew his approval to sell Dubbo. Lee was asked to rule out the sale of other sites. “It’s ridiculous to actually say something in terms of what will happen in the future,” Lee said. “We review each site and regularly review our portfolio across the status of what we need and what we need, industry demand, community demand, and student demand. Therefore, we are here today to get a rough idea. It’s ridiculous to say. ”We’re not going to do anything on any of these 19 sites or existing sites, so we always see their benefits. A TAFE NSW spokeswoman told Newcastle Herald that “there are no current plans for singletons.” Shadowskill Minister and TAFE and Newcastle MP Tim Krakanthorpe said they were still “extremely concerned” about the campus. Currently, hunters have a large number of unemployed people. The youth unemployment rate, which is TAFE’s target market, is 14.7%, which is so high that you should invest in youth rather than sell the campus. NS to set up a connected learning center in Singleto. “Once you set up CLC, you can say goodbye to the TAFE campus,” he said. Members of the committee said the preparation of the document and the timeline surrounding it raised further questions. Glamor said she was on vacation when Ms. Arnott, who subsequently left TAFE, sent the document to Mr Lee’s office. She said Arnot had been in direct contact with Lee’s office on infrastructure issues before reporting to her. “I talked with Ms. Arnot, all briefs going to the Minister’s office should not be sent in draft form, formal briefs should go through a formal process that requires a signature, we Has shown that it should not be floating around the brief draft in the Minister’s Secretariat. ” “Then what I call an omnibus [draft] When I went to the Prime Minister’s Office, in discussions with the Minister’s Secretariat, the sale that TAFE NSW was considering was to go to the Prime Minister’s Office as a separate brief for a particular property, which was when the process changed. It was a thing. A document was then sent to Lee’s office on September 24, including Quirindi and Dapto, asking for approval to sell some of the sites. Faurby said he would like to ask MP Anthony D’Adam to explain whether Lee’s office returned the draft document. “The problem I have with Mr. Forby regarding that evidence is that after seven days there is a brief description with your signature on the sale of Dubbo’s TAFE NSW site. It suggests that you are clearly aware that you have a sale proposal under consideration by the minister’s office and the agency is based on the instructions returned from the minister’s office on reforming the proposal. I clearly knew that I had acted. L It is hard to believe that you were unaware of the document for consideration. “


Questions Raised in Budget Estimates Hearing about the Future of Singleton TAFE Campus | Newcastle Herald

Source link Questions Raised in Budget Estimates Hearing about the Future of Singleton TAFE Campus | Newcastle Herald

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