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Queensland has been accused of making an “easy escape” by coach Paul Green. 50-6 Defeated To Bruce-Heaviest in 58 years at the interstate level.

Bruce fans are delighted to win the series prematurely, Maroon is fighting for an answer..

Queensland’s great Cameron Smith admits it’s time to “press the reset button.”

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Cleary, Teddy & Turbo TORCH Maroon | 00:36

“There are also reviews done by coaches, selectors, and teams,” Smith said. SEN 1770..

“Queensland’s thinking is that you need to check it right away and press the reset button.”

Is The most obvious hole of the current team is in the centerBruce reveals Maroon’s great “great horror” with a 44-point driving.

From an 18-year-old rookie to a veteran center on the other side of his career, here’s an overview of all the changes Queensland can make for accurate revenge.

Outside back

Don’t panic here. Beautifully buried for Karimponga and Queensland, Valentine Homes has a lot of options if Knights fullback isn’t yet suitable for Game 2.

Newcastle coach Adam O’Brien said Ponga could be skeptical of the Suncorp finals. This means that you need to plan ahead in case Maroon is excluded.

Whether Holmes remains full back depends primarily on who plays in the wing. Neither Kylefeld nor Xavier Coates gave the impression of ordering a choice at Origin II.

Queensland could choose to move Holmes to the wing, leaving a difficult decision as to who to bring behind. If the Ponga don’t fit, they can start AJ Brimson from behind, giving Queensland the speed that Bruce is proud of in the backline.

Philip Sami and Corey Oats are two other candidates if they stick to Holmes in the first jersey.

Alternatively, the option to the left of the field is to pass the debut to Reece Walsh, either full back or off the bench.Smith was torn by that outlook while talking 1170 SEN..

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Turbo’s historic origin hat-trick | 00:57

“That would be a big question. I threw a young 18-year-old Feller and played half a dozen games for a winning game at Suncorp,” Smith said.

“But, as you know, everyone needs to make their debut at some stage. After removing the loss of 50-6 points, some extreme measures may need to be taken.”

Smith, however, was convinced that changes were needed at the center.

“First, I think we need to know where it’s centered and how to stop Tommy Turbo,” Smith said.

“He had almost free rule last night, which had just opened up our edge defense.”

He first proposed to bring Kurt Capewell forward and open a vacant space to protect Tom Toboevich.

“I know Kurt Capewell’s play center. He’s done a great job there in the past … he’s on our team, it’s definitely … but to play the line You may need to bring him closer to the center. Rack, “he said.

“Hopefully we can find someone (in the Playcentre).”

Capewell was involved in defense due to lack of speed and lateral movement. So if Maroon is looking for an alternative Brimson, he could be that guy.

Like Trbojevic, Brimson may be licensed to roam and chime when attacking an assault.

Ben Hunt can then come to the bench as a cover for Harry Grant.

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How Bruce Dominates Game 1 | 02:40

Will Chambers was proposed as an external shot Sen And Smith found value in deploying an experienced Sharks Center.

“I think he’s been playing pretty good football in the last few weeks,” Smith told Chambers.

“One of the things he obviously brings to Queensland is, first and foremost, experience, [also] Levelhead, he’s a great speaker, he’s something he needs to fight great defender Tom Toboevich. “

Dane Gagai was offnight, but otherwise very consistent at the origin level and will not lose his position.

Is Sydney Morning Herald But on Thursday, it was revealed that Gagai was sent to the scan on suspicion of a broken hand. This can lead Gagai to serious suspicion in the second game.

Corey Alan and Brenco Lee will also be competing, but expected to recover from the injury in Round 15, Smith warned against bringing in an underrated player.

“I think what needs to happen, we need to choose the right players,” Smith said.

“(Players) will not be injured in the match, so you need to be well prepared.”

Lock: Valentine Holmes, Dane Gagai [injury pending], Cart Cape Well [moved to bench]

In trouble: Xavier Coates, Kyle Felt

option: AJ Brimson, Philip Sami, Corey Oats, Will Chambers, Reese Walsh

“We couldn’t get control” | 03:35


No problem here-Cameron Münster and Daily Cherry Evans will be paired for the entire series.

Münster gave a glimpse of his best with the beaten team to finish with 59 ran meters, 3 tackle busts and tri-assists.

Cherry-Evans, on the other hand, also made several slicing runs, but lacked sufficient support and needed to better assert himself on the Series 2 line.


The early loss of Christian Welch cannot be understated. It wasn’t worth 44 points, but his kick pressure always destabilized Nathan Cleary and missed it badly.

he Origin II has doubts But that’s another headache for Paul Green.

Fortunately, Maroon welcomes Josh Papari, who will soon enter the starting side. Whether or not you sacrifice Welch depends on how the Storm Star recovers from head knock.

Tino Fa’asuamaleaui managed 84 rammeters as another starting prop and was able to benefit from the switch to rock, along with Papa Lee and Welch. [if fit] To get started.

That way, Jay Arrow will either return to the bench or leave the team altogether.

Not helping the South Sydney Forward’s choice of choice is damage to the cartilage of the ribs, and you may see him on the sidelines for at least two weeks.

Both Felise Kaufusi and David Fitita were kept quiet by New South Wales, but given their potential at their best, it’s hard to see them both dropping out of the team.

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Bruce Dominate in Townsville | 01:44

Harry Grant is safe in the role of Hooker after watching Queensland’s most dangerous games early and before getting tired late.

It takes us to the bench. Brimson is better suited at the center, not as a cover for Grant. Hunts are a great option to come as a grace in Hooker.

Moeaki Fotuaika, along with Grant, was the best player in Queensland at Team High, 119 meters from the bench. If Paparii hadn’t returned, the Titans props would have been within the framework of their first role.

Jaydn Su’A and Joe Ofahengaue may be at risk of losing spots on the bench, and if both Papalii and Welch fit, one of the two will almost certainly drop off.

So, of course, as long as the Fa’asuamaleaui switch mentioned above is done and Arrow fails.

If Capewell moves from the center, he is an obvious option to come to the bench.

Cohen Hess was nominated by the expansion team. So he’s a potential recall line, but he sees the Cowboys best while playing on props instead of edges.

The North Queensland duo Tom Gilbert and Francis Molo are two powerful alternatives that Green can consider, but on a bench with heavy props it’s hard to see one running.

After all, it’s hard to see too many changes in advance for Queensland.

Lock: Christian Welch, Harry Grant, Tino Faas Amaleaui, Ferries Kaufushi, David Fifita, AJ Brimson, Moeaki Fifitaika

In trouble: Jay Arrow, Jaydon Sua, Joe Ofaengaue

option: Cart Cape Well [moved from centres], Cohen Hestom Gilbert, Francis Morro

Queensland Maroon, Team List, Injuries, Tom Toboevich, Kart Cape Well, Centers, Changes, Reactions

Source link Queensland Maroon, Team List, Injuries, Tom Toboevich, Kart Cape Well, Centers, Changes, Reactions

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