Qld guy lived with his partner’s body for a few weeks

A Queensland court found the “disturbing and strange” behavior of a man who lived for several weeks before throwing his partner’s body into a skip bin and lying to his family.

Jason Cooper, 46, has been found guilty of interfering with the corpse and fraud associated with the death of his 35-year-old partner, Shay Francis, who died in October 2018. Her body was not found.

The Brisbane District Court said on Friday that the two had become alcoholics and lived together in a Hervey Bay apartment before Ms. Francis died.

Due to his detention in June 2019, he will not be sentenced to further prison after 896 days have been declared in prison.

Francis’ mother said there was “no justice” for Cooper’s release.

“I’m just shocked. I’m numb,” Sheryl Lee Francis said outside the courtroom.

“I want to take my daughter home, respect her, and give her the dignity she deserves.”

Cooper denied Ms. Francis’ involvement in the death, woke up one morning to find her dead, and told police that her body remained in their apartment “about three weeks” before he was disposed of. ..

He intended to wrap himself in a sleeping bag and bury it on the beach, saying, “What she wanted,” but the court reportedly panicked when he saw the police car and dumped it in a skip bin.

He told police he returned to skip after a few hours, but he was dead.

Neighbors reported a foul odor from Cooper’s room in late October, and police later visited his apartment, but found no evidence of the crime.

He was later kicked out and the room was cleaned and painted.

Cooper repeatedly told his family that Ms. Francis was still alive but no longer lived in Hervey Bay. Her disappearance triggered a number of search activities after being reported missing in March 2019.

He was using her bank card and had accumulated over $ 9000 in transactions before being tracked by Victorian police in 2019.

An attempt was made to search a landfill in Queensland in March 2020, after Cooper finally reported his version of the event to police, but no body was found.

Cooper was originally charged with manslaughter, but the prosecution proceeded with only two charges he pleaded guilty.

Judge William Everson said on Friday, “We must make it clear that you have not been sentenced because you are responsible for the death of the deceased.”

The court reported that Ms. Francis had a recorded history of alcoholism who caused seizures and was hospitalized shortly before her death.

Cooper’s alcoholism has progressed to drinking 4 liters of wine a day, and he is being treated with antipsychotics while in prison.

He was convicted of interfering with the corpse, sentenced to 896 days in prison, and sentenced to 12 months in fraud.

Qld guy lived with his partner’s body for a few weeks

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