Qld Bus Girl’s Family Wants to Close Childcare

A family of girls in Queensland, who were left in a minibus for six hours outside the nursery, said the facility should be closed.

The 3-year-old Navaeh Austin was found in danger after being left in a van after a temperature reached 28 degrees Celsius outside the Le Smileys Early Learning Center in Gracemere near Rockhampton on Wednesday.

After she recovered, she was discharged from Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane and returned home with her parents on Monday.

Nevae was the only passenger when the minivan was parked at the front door of the center, but the two staff left the infant in the car.

Police and the Ministry of Education are investigating, but grandmother Pam is calling for the center to be closed.

“Honestly, I want to see the center closed,” she told Nine’s program today on Tuesday.

“It’s as easy as that. The Ministry of Education should close it.”

This incident is similar to the death of Malik Nicholas Floyd Namok-Malamu in Cairns in February 2020.

A 3-year-old child who had been on the bus for nearly 6 hours after being picked up at the nursery center died in the heat.

According to Pam, the staff at the Le Smileys Early Learning Center had no reason to forget their granddaughter.

“One of the lives that have already been lost is tragedy, and the loss of almost another life is (incomprehensible),” she said.

“They have one duty of care, which is to take care of our children.”

We asked the Minister of Education, Grace Grace, for comment.

Qld Bus Girl’s Family Wants to Close Childcare

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