Qantas announces new “green tier” for frequent flyer services

Qantas has launched the world’s first “Green Tier” program to reward frequent flyer services for making sustainable choices at home and on the road, with the ambition to reach net zero emissions by 2050. rice field.

Scheduled to roll out next year, Greentier will be added to the airline’s loyalty program. It is designed to encourage and recognize Qantas’ 13 million frequent flyer services to offset flights, stay at eco-hotels, commute on foot, install solar panels at home, and more. increase.

Members must complete at least five sustainable activities each year in six areas, including flight, travel, lifestyle, sustainable purchasing, impact mitigation, and returns, to achieve Green Tier status. ..

Benefits such as bonus Qantas points and status credits will be provided.

Camera iconQantas CEO Alan Joyce and Qantas Loyalty CEO Olivia Worth. credit: Credit Qantas

According to Qantas, nearly two-thirds of frequently used leaflets want to be more aware of their environmental impact and want to support more sustainable efforts, according to a survey.

The program will not officially start until early next year, but as of Friday, frequent leaflets that offset flights, homes, cars, install solar panels, and help protect the Great Barrier Reef, We expect these actions to progress towards achieving our sustainability goals. Part of achieving green tier status.

Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Group, said sustainability is set to be at the heart of the frequent flyer program and, more broadly, the state-owned airline approach.

“Our customers are concerned about climate change, and so are we. There are many actions airlines are taking to reduce emissions: offsetting them to reduce their footprint. And there is a framework that can help us take other steps, “he said.

“This new Green Tier is a way to encourage and recognize those who want to play their part by providing Qantas points or status credits. We have found this to help shape our customers’ choices. “

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says vaccines are essential for travelers. Photo: NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone
Camera iconQantas CEO Alan Joyce said this is not the first time Qantas has used points to reward its members for its aggressive actions. NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone credit: Method

Joyce said it wasn’t the first time Qantas used points to reward members for their aggressive actions, “already used by more than 600,000 members. He gave examples such as incentives for travelers to be vaccinated.

The airline announced in August that it would provide incentives for Australians over the age of 18 who have been vaccinated with COVID-19.

“Offsets are one of the main ways Australia can reduce net emissions in the short to medium term until new low emission technologies are available,” Joyce said.

“As an airline, we are looking at structural changes to reduce greenhouse gases, including investing in more efficient aircraft that can reduce emissions by 15%, and usually sustaining up to 80%. Includes the use of possible aviation fuels. “

Qantas said the new frequent flyer initiative is an extension of its commitment to take action on climate change and achieve net zero emissions from its businesses by 2050.

We are currently looking for a path towards our 2030 interim goal and will provide important updates early next year.

Qantas announces new “green tier” for frequent flyer services

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