Put your best foot in the scorching market

When summer comes, especially if you’re considering selling, now is the best time to bring your property to market.

Jasmyn Wright, founding director and licensee of Realestate 88 East Perth, showed signs of continued growth and said there were numerous deals across Perth in November.

“In the week leading up to November 28, 1033 transactions were recorded and there was a lot of sales,” she said, adding that this summer is on the verge of burning.

“Usually the real estate market has trends, including summer and winter, but those trends have changed over the last 20 months or more.

“The market is volatile this year, borders are open, and there are many people who want to move to or return to Western Australia for work, so we expect stable sales throughout this period. think.”

To prepare for the summer sales season, Ray White South Perth sales associate Matt Karos said various factors are important to make a property shine in a highly competitive situation.

Spring cleaning

According to Kalos, the presentation is everything and so far there is no more time to organize the space.

“If you’re thinking of selling, it’s time to get rid of the unused, unwanted clutter that’s being collected,” he said.

“It’s great to have appliances such as air fryer and coffee machine on the kitchen bench for ease of use, but in the picture there is no benefit to the kitchen.

“If you’re curious about how your property should be set up, take a look at the exhibition hall-less is better.”

The price is correct

According to Wright, setting the price of your property correctly in any market is essential not only to get good results, but also to shorten the time in the market.

Setting the price of your property high can increase the time in the market and may require agents to reduce prices.

“A good agent should be able to advise you on what your assets are worth in the current market,” Wright said.

“They know your market, sales in your area, average days in the market, and provide a competitive price guide to ensure you are in the best position to achieve great results. To do.”

Presentation is important

With median single digits in some Western Australian suburbs, it is unbelievable that appearance will actually affect time on the market. However, according to Karos, when selling a home, it’s important to do some small work before listing the home, such as cleaning windows.

“Presentations are very important when trying to reach the highest price,” he said.

“Cleaning windows and walls seems easy, but it’s often overlooked.”

In support of this, Wright said the problem always needed to be fixed, regardless of the size of the work.

“Small things always look big to the buyer and ultimately cause more problems,” she said.

“Small leaks in faucets and cracks in windows often make buyers feel that there is something more ominous than a small problem. This usually ends with price negotiations.”

Put your best foot in the scorching market

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