Put them in a rack and they will crack

Reflecting the content of the plague Florence diary (C8), Maroubra’s Stewart Copper believes that some residents of Florence may have benefited from the punishment. “Imagine some plight of old brick and block layers laid low in back pain after years of hard work.” I’m not wearing a mask. When I haven’t paid 25 Florin either, so go ahead and stretch me into the rack. Oh, rest assured! “

Susan Bradley of Eltham, Victoria, considers the credibility of High Street Road (C8) on the outskirts of Melbourne, demonstrating that she was driving regularly: I was absorbed in seeing the signboard. “

The strangeness of more street names (C8). Early in his marriage, Melimbra’s Colin Gould lived on “Mount Street, Mount St. Thomas, or Mount St. Mount St. Thomas.” Richard Cuneo of Ryde contributes that “Ryde has Crescent Avenue.” Didn’t you decide? Joy Patterson of Mount Annan said, “The Canadian brothers live in Mount Street Close. Mt St Cl?”

Speaking of Canada, if you need an interesting street name (C8), Richard Jarry of Waitara suggests heading to Porters Lake, Nova Scotia. “At the southern end of the town, there is this street, that street, and other streets. It’s certainly a strange address.”

Katoomba’s Jonty Grinter is excited about the news that the Olympic Games are taking place.
Ethnocentrism Sport (C8), which encourages Australians to start the delicious and messy sport of Dwyle Flunking (also known as Dwile Flonking). “Our main rival would be Poms, who invented it. The brewery sponsors ideal recreation and every RSL club needs a team. All you need is a broomstick, a mop. Only a head, a solo musician, and a gazunder full of old ales. “

Regarding the new Olympic sport (C8), Hunters Hill’s Roderick Van Gelder thinks: With an exciting finish under the Story Bridge, it’s guaranteed to please the crowd along the Gold Coast. Given that 42 countries around the world own submarines, Granny does not believe that only French people with very few participants will protest the contest.

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Put them in a rack and they will crack

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