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Protesters fill the streets of Akron following a U.S. police shooting of an unarmed black man

Hundreds of protesters marched in Akron, Ohio on Sunday after body camera footage showing police shot deadly a black man with dozens of bullets was released.
Crowds marched towards the city hall with flags with slogans such as “Justice for Jayland” when authorities sought calm as the recent police killing of blacks in the United States increased anger.
According to police, the slogan refers to Jayland Walker, 25, who was killed on Monday after police officers tried to stop the car for a traffic violation.

Sunday was the fourth consecutive day of protest. The demonstrators were peaceful, but at a tense moment, some protesters approached the police line and shouted at them.

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In the evening after the first rally, a large number of people continued to protest the streets, but it was not well organized. There were no reports of violence.
However, fearing anxiety, 190,000 city officials moved snowplows and other heavy equipment closer to the police station to act as a barrier.
Akron officials released two videos on Sunday after initially providing few shooting details. photograph.
The narration explained that Mr. Walker stopped and did not drive the car. Police engaged in a car chase and said they were fired from Walker’s car.
After being chased for a few minutes, Walker got out of the car while it was still in motion and ran away on foot. The officers tried to conquer him with a taser, but he kept running.

Some police officers finally chased Mr Walker into the parking lot. Body camera footage is so blurry that it’s not clear what’s going on, but the first police statement released after the shooting made police believe he posed a “fatal threat.” He states that he has taken some actions.

“More than 60 wounds” on his body

All the police officers on the scene fired at Mr. Walker, firing multiple times in a row.
He was declared dead on the scene.
The incident was the recent death of an African-American citizen by police, causing massive protests against racism and police atrocities.
“Many people will want to publicize their dissatisfaction. I fully support the right of residents to gather peacefully,” Akron Mayor Dan Holrigan said in a press conference. rice field.
“But I hope the community can agree that violence and destruction are not the answer.”
He also said that an independent investigation was underway.
Bobby Dicello, a lawyer for the Walker family, told The New York Times:
Police chief Steve Millet said he did not know the exact number of bullets fired at Walker, but coroner reports “show that Walker has more than 60 wounds on his body.”
He added that the eight police officers involved in Walker’s death were on paid leave until the investigation was completed.
Authorities have canceled the festival scheduled for the weekend of July 4th.

LeBron James, a basketball star from Akron, said in a tweet on Sunday that he was praying for his city.

Protesters fill the streets of Akron following a U.S. police shooting of an unarmed black man

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