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Protest after murder acquittal over the death of Yamitch woman JC

Bernadette Clark said his sister’s nine-year-old son had no mother.

“The man shot her at close range and left her family destroyed,” she said.

“How long will this last?”

Leading police officers faced a three-week trial in the Supreme Court of Western Australia over the September 2019 killing of JC.

After three hours of deliberation on Friday, the jury found a police officer who was not named for legal reasons and was not guilty of JC’s murder.

JC's sister Bernadette Clarke speaks outside the Supreme Court of Perth on Friday.

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The jury also acquitted him of manslaughter, and the accused police officer cried at the pier.

Family supporter and Nounger woman Megan Krakouer said that indigenous peoples are “unequal” even 30 years after the Royal Commission on the death of indigenous peoples in custody. ..

“This is what we have to deal with in Western Australia. This happens many times, it hurts, and it’s wrong,” she said.

“I’m not convicted … and you’ll wonder why Aboriginal people are so angry and disillusioned with the police and the system.”

Western Australian Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said police are still working to improve engagement with indigenous communities.

JC's foster parent, Anne Jones (center), is surrounded by family and friends outside the Supreme Court of Perth on October 22nd.

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“This tragedy is one of the most difficult chapters in history between the Aboriginal people of Western Australia and the Western Australian Police,” he said on Friday.

“We have been working very hard for the past two years, based on a very long history of involvement between the police and the Aboriginal people since the colonization.

“We continue to build strong relationships with the Aboriginal people and accept that there is a strong feeling that this tragedy will run out.

“But that doesn’t stop us. We keep walking in step with the Aboriginal people.”

Commissioner Dawson said the acquitted police officer had resigned for the past two years and talks about his future.

A ceremonial occasion will be held for JC’s death.

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Protest after murder acquittal over the death of Yamitch woman JC

Source link Protest after murder acquittal over the death of Yamitch woman JC

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