Project: Carrie Bigmore and Rachel Corbett have a nasty genital debate

While discussing personal hygiene on the project, Carrie and Rachel go into a very nasty debate about how to clean their private life.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher today revealed that they have their own rules regarding personal hygiene.

Couple They revealed that they weren’t using soap on their bodies, Private “bits” only. They also revealed that they only wash their children when they look dirty or smell.

Touch this, project Hosts Carrie Bigmore and Rachel Corbett were involved in a very nasty debate about washing their “bits.”

“Isn’t that the opposite of everything we were told as women?” Corbett asked. “It’s the one bit you’re doing No I’m supposed to use soap. That’s what everyone tells us. “

The confused Bigmore began to laugh. “Excuse me, did you say you didn’t intend to use soap?”

“Yes, it’s not your bit. You can use soap anywhere else,” continued embarrassing Corbett.

“Can we abandon the following three interviews and understand this?” Waleed Ali asked.

“It’s obviously self-cleaning,” Corbett added with a laugh through embarrassment.

Kunis and Katcher made a strange confession during a Dax Shepard chat Armchair expert Podcast.

“When I had a child, I didn’t wash it every day.” Family guy The voice actor admitted. “I wasn’t the parent who bathed the newborn.”

43-year-old Kutcher added the following about his current nighttime regimen: If you see those stains, clean them. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. “

Focusing on their hygiene habits, 37-year-old Kunis and Katcher said they would not wash their bodies with soap every day.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t grow hot water, so I didn’t take a shower anyway,” Kunis said.

“I wash my armpits and crotch every day, but nothing else,” Katcher revealed. “I got a lever 2000 bar to deliver every time. There is nothing else.”

NS Hey, where is my car The star continued: “I tend to throw some water on my face after training to get rid of all the salt.”

Kunis chimed, “Wash your face twice a day.”

The couple, who married in 2015, have two children, a daughter Wyatt (6 years old) and a son Dimitri (4 years old).

Project: Carrie Bigmore and Rachel Corbett have a nasty genital debate

Source link Project: Carrie Bigmore and Rachel Corbett have a nasty genital debate

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