Professor Jennifer Martin of Newcastle University was re-elected to the council four months after Mark Vaile’s controversy.Newcastle Herald

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Professor Jennifer Martin of Newcastle University was re-elected to her role in the institution’s council four months after White Haven’s president Mark Vaile resigned in opposition to being appointed prime minister. .. Professor Martin told Newcastle Herald that after Mr. Vale left his role, she decided to represent the representative role of the elected academic staff she had vacated. She said she wanted to finish the work she had started and was encouraged by her colleagues and acquaintances. In the news: “I was put up with it by many members of the community,” she said. “I think I did it myself and I think I’ve moved away from it. It was pretty convincing.” But I felt that the issue of Mark Weil’s appointment had been resolved and now I wanted my role. .. return. This was a line of sand, the hunter really needed to focus on the future, and I probably had a role to play in that future. “The whole problem is still there that what happened is in the past, it has been addressed, and it is a really important time for Newcastle.” Professor Martin said, a candidate for approval of the Newcastle Branch of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU). And will play that role until August 31, 2022. She was scheduled to begin a two-year term in the council in mid-2020. I resigned in June. Triggered a large-scale campaign that attracted national attention. “I was, in a sense, delegated by people,” she said. “I feel it’s important to be there to help refocus the university on what our main role will be in the future.” Hunters are in transition and of the council As a member, we need to work within the council to ensure that we lead the organization in a way that is in line with our strategic plan. “I’m really focused on the future and I want to make sure our university is looking to the future on big challenges. Obviously climate change is the biggest challenge for this generation, but cyber I think there are other issues with the board and council, including security, sexual harassment at work, and other environmental and social agendas, especially after Hein contacts the bank. Need to know … I’m glad to be back. ”Professor Martin rejoins the council’s“ positive environment ”and members work with Deputy Prime Minister Alex Zelinsky and management to join UON. He said he hopes to position him as a leader in the post-coal transition of the region. “We want to help members of the council represent the communities they serve and the communities of the future,” she said. “It’s much bigger than me and my concerns about whether it will be a fun job, it’s about the future and future of our children, and I use the skills I have to history I want to be able to get away from the council people, and more people to the business we have been entrusted with. ”NTEU Chapter Chairman Dan Conway said staff support Professor Martin’s reelection. He said he was not surprised at what he did. “She proved to be a strong, independent voice, not a group mouthpiece, and to act in the best interests of staff and college,” Conway said. “I think she’s now proven to be right to speak for the future of the university and the Hunter Region, with the support of overwhelming staff,” Conway said. Said that interest was rejuvenated and there were council staff and student representatives. “For example, many casual / session staff and co- (unpaid) education staff have expressed disappointment that they do not have the right to vote for these staff representative elections,” Conway said. “In addition, at the request of members and staff, NTEU will hold a meeting of the University Council so that staff can observe the discussion and lift the veil of interests and discussion behind the decisions of the University Council. We encourage you to publish it again. ”Public agencies should be responsible. To the public, and the return of the General Assembly would be one way to achieve that. “We hope this closes the door to a distracting time for our peak governance bodies. The council refocuses on future plans and fulfills its promise to justify change. We can hold management accountable for this, “said Rob Eisenberg, president of the Newcastle University Community Association, that the group was” pleased “with the university. The community acknowledged Professor Martin’s “honesty and self-sacrifice,” her reelection sent a “strong message that transparent and independent university leadership is important,” and UON said “to the world’s green hydrogen power plants.” He said he must lead the transition. UON did not answer subsequent questions, although the election results came out. Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest local news to the community. Here’s how to keep access to our t. Rusted content:


Professor Jennifer Martin of Newcastle University was re-elected to the council four months after Mark Vaile’s controversy.Newcastle Herald

Source link Professor Jennifer Martin of Newcastle University was re-elected to the council four months after Mark Vaile’s controversy.Newcastle Herald

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