Professional Property Styling Tips Before Selling Your Home

Wendio Sborn of Magenta Home Staging, a prestigious real estate styling expert and owner in Canberra business, shares her key tips and tricks to get your home ready for inspection. ..

According to Wendy, there are three important tips you need to do throughout your home to maximize buyer interest in your property: tidying up, deep clean, and maximizing natural light.

“It’s really important to keep things tidy from top to bottom for the overall feel of your home. We’re used to living in our own home, so see everything cluttered. No! “She says.

“It’s about removing personal photos, removing magnets from the fridge, packing bookshelves, etc. It’s best to be half full to make it visually appealing. . “

Wendy asserts that the first impression is really important, so it is absolutely important to make sure your entrance and vestibule are clean and tidy.

“The second important thing is that you have to clean your house or do it yourself,” she says.

“People can be distracted by things like confusion and pet odors and odors, so they need to be thoroughly cleaned.”

It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but you have to take the time and care to ensure that everything is kept clean while your property is on the market.

“A house with lots of light is really attractive. Open the curtains to get as much natural light as possible,” says Wendy.

“If you don’t have much natural light in your house, buy a lamp, and it’s nice and bright when people are walking in your room.”


For every room in your home, Wendy reveals her most important tips to optimize and enhance your sales outlook.

kitchen And dining room

“Clear the bench as much as possible, which means remove all appliances and put as little on the bench as possible,” says Wendy.

“Obviously, the kitchen is really, really clean and we need to add a little green around the space.”

And don’t forget to hide your tea towel!

“Nothing is worse than an oven tea towel … no one needs to see it!” She laughs.


“Often there’s a lot of non-essential furniture and stuff scattered around the bedroom,” says Wendy.

“The bedside table in the bed and perhaps a small desk can stay, but everything else needs to come out. It looks so big.”

She says a little ingenuity makes this space sellable.

“Make sure the bed linen is clean and the bed is made. Small touches like cushions and last throws are great. It doesn’t have to be super style, it’s clean, tidy and open. is needed.”

Living room

According to Wendy, the living room is one of the most important rooms in your home for sale.

“I don’t want anyone to step behind the couch when I enter the room, so I really need to see where the furniture is placed. I want the space to have an open side,” she says. say.

“The other thing is to make sure that the furniture you have isn’t overwhelmed by the space. It softens the room, so floor coverings are perfect for this. The lounge cushions are nice and a little green. Throw in freshly cut flowers. “

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it works fine with Kmart and TKMax.

“If you can’t afford the flowers, go out to the garden, cut some nice leaves and put them in a vase. There’s nothing better than that,” says Wendy.

“In most places I style, I go out to their garden, pick some greens, put them in a vase, and it’s nice and fresh.”


“Like the kitchen, the bathroom needs to be cleaned with clean towels, and the benchtop should be as clean as possible,” Wendy advises.

“No one needs to look at your toothbrush, your female shaver, or your toothpaste on the bench!”

Wendy has revealed that bathrooms must remain minimalist and simple in order to achieve maximum sales results.

“All you need is a plant or candle with a fresh, clean towel. That’s it.”


“Gardens are hard in Canberra, but it’s exactly the same principle as in a house. Keep things tidy, clean the streets, shorten the grass, and don’t line up your clothes,” says Wendy.

“Oh, there’s no dog poop in your yard! You’ll be surprised that many forget to pick it up!”

She says you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show people who are proud of your home, and if you follow these tips and tricks, you have dozens of buyers I will invite you.

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Professional Property Styling Tips Before Selling Your Home

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