Proceedings in South Korea, Hungary and Latvia increase

Health officials in Hungary, Latvia and South Korea have recorded an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, but the World Health Organization has stated that global infectious diseases have declined overall over the past week.

Hungary recorded the highest number of new COVID-19 cases per day in the five months of Thursday, amid a surge in coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations.

Authorities reported 1141 new cases. This is the highest total number per day since May 14th.

This increase has increased the number of cases so far this week by 37% compared to the same period last week.

In a country of about 10 million people, 742 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized, the highest number since early June.

Pandemic containment measures in Hungary have been significantly abolished since early July.

South Korea has reported more than 1000 new coronavirus infections for 100 consecutive days as delta-led outbreaks continue to spread in the larger metropolitan area.

Health officials said 1580 of the new 1940 cases reported Thursday occurred in the Seoul metropolitan area.

The metropolitan area has received the strictest distance measures in South Korea since July, except for the blockade.

Private social gatherings of three or more people are prohibited after 6 pm unless all participants are fully vaccinated.

Authorities say people’s frustration with physical distance is becoming more and more difficult, and hopes that improved vaccination rates will soon enable more flexible measures.

As of Thursday morning, about 61 percent of the population of more than 51 million people had been fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the number of new coronavirus infections in Latvia reached a record high for the second straight day.

In the Baltic EU member states, 2408 positive tests were recorded within 24 hours on Thursday after 2236 cases the day before.

According to Riga health officials, 1056.8 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been registered in the last 14 days, the record since the pandemic began.

In Latvia, the number of coronaviruses has increased significantly in recent weeks.

President Egils Levits also tested positive on a quick test Wednesday evening after returning from a business trip to Sweden.

Given the new powerful epidemic of the coronavirus, the Riga government has declared an emergency.

Valid from Monday and valid until January 11th.

In Latvia, just under half of the 1.9 million inhabitants are vaccinated against COVID-19.

For months, the government has had only moderate success in motivating vaccinated people.

Global coronavirus cases declined last week, according to the WHO, and continue to decline, beginning in late August.

The United Nations Health Agency said in its latest weekly assessment of pandemics, there were about 2.8 million new cases and 46,000 confirmed deaths last week, down 7% and 10%, respectively.

Europe reported a 7% increase in the number of cases, while all other parts of the world reported a decrease.

According to the WHO, Europe also had the highest number of deaths last week, with COVID-19 deaths increasing by 11%.

The UK, Turkey and Russia have reported the most new cases in Europe.

The largest reduction in the number of cases occurred in Africa and the Western Pacific, with the number of cases decreasing by 32% and 27%, respectively.


Proceedings in South Korea, Hungary and Latvia increase

Source link Proceedings in South Korea, Hungary and Latvia increase

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