Pringles launches new veggie creation series

Starting this month, Pringles has launched a new product, Veggie Creations, which will be available in three new flavors at Coles supermarkets.

Pringles Veggie Creations is a “multi-sensory snack adventure” that stimulates all senses with “a compelling combination of flavors that take potato chips to the next level.”

The new Veggie Creations products are available in three flavors: potato, orange sweet potato, paprika and garlic. Potatoes, mozzarella cheese and herbal tomatoes. And potatoes, purple sweet potatoes and sea salt.

Each of these variations of the Pringles range also has its own unique color. Potatoes, oranges, sweet potatoes, paprika and garlic are orange, potatoes, mozzarella cheese and herb tomatoes are red, and potatoes, purple potatoes and sea salt are purple.

The new Pringles Veggie Creations series is currently available at Kohl’s supermarkets and will be available nationwide in all other supermarkets in August.

Pringles launches new veggie creation series

Source link Pringles launches new veggie creation series

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