Prince Harry and Megan remain silent while Prince Phillip’s birthday compliments flow

On a day that would have been a devastating day for the Queen, Megan and Harry could not publicly support the prince in any way.

Romeo thought he knew one or two things about the nasty problem of names.

“Rose with other names smells sweet,” he crouched down at Juliet, proving that a teenage boy would say anything he would try to persuade a girl.

But this week’s events in the royal world seem to prove that the name is important – very – After the storm that’s all Harry And Megan, Choosing a sensational name for the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess Their second child, Lillivet Diana Mountbatten Windsor.

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But with all the fuss and flaps about whether the Queen allowed the couple to use her lifelong pet Monica for their little girl, another much more sad, also including Her Majesty and Sussexes. It’s a cold situation.

Thursday, June 10th was supposed to be a fun day for the Queen. Her Majesty’s extended family should have come down for lunch to one of her various vast and draft homes to celebrate the 100th anniversary of her husband, Prince Philip.

Instead, Iron Duke and the rant-prone patriarch died sadly in April after months of illness and long hospital stays.

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And early on Thursday morning, compliments to Philip began to flow.

Prince William and Duchess of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, praised the Greek-born prince on social media channels, saying, “Today, the Royal Horticultural Society of the Duke of Edinburgh remembers his 100th birthday.” I posted a shot. A queen who accepts roses created by the Royal Horticultural Society, named after Philip.

Accounts of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Clarence House in Cornwall Share a heartwarming shot of the Duke of EdinburghIncludes one of him as a young father holding the hand of three-year-old Charles.

Princess Eugenie went to Instagram to post a nice shot of her shining grandparents at her 2018 wedding and said, “I’m thinking of Grandpa, who would have been his 100th birthday.” I added a caption.

prince Edward and Princess Anne were dispatched to do a rare television interview To mark the milestones of their father.

Even Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States I found time to post on Twitter: “We are keeping the whole royal family in mind today and wish them peace and peace as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Prince Phillip’s birth.”

But there was nothing publicly from Harry and Megan.

As of midnight Thursday, UK time, Sussexes publicly acknowledged a gloomy opportunity and shared some public message about what must be a sad day for Harry’s 95-year-old grandmother. Couldn’t.

The problem here is not that they are operating in different time zones, as they appear to be fine in this regard when it comes to legal threats.

Early Thursday morning British time, BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond reported: Name your daughter Lillibet.. ”

Next, a lawyer acting on behalf of Sussexes shortly after 8 am in London (or 1 am in Montecito) Sent a warning letter to the media organization He said the allegations were “false and defamatory.”

So, when the Duchess and the Duchess call on a legitimate tycoon, if they can move with such agility and urgency, they will have the same power and energy to publicly show their support for His Majesty. Would you like to bring it?

This latest situation highlights what has become a recurring theme this year: the disconnect between their claim of how much they admire His Majesty and their subsequent claim. A barrage of repeated criticisms of the palace.

Question from Oprah Winfrey During a couple’s fiery March interview “No, I never blind my grandmother. I respect her too much,” Harry said about whether the couple blinded the Queen in their decision to quit royal life in January 2020. I denied the accusation.

Still, during the same prime time-out, they leveled a series of catastrophic claims against the Queen’s institution, the company.

In May Appeared in actor Dax Shepard Armchair expert Podcast, Harry talks about royal life The Truman Show I’m in the zoo, “he said. “Breaking the cycle” of “pain and suffering” of his own upbringing for his child..

Harry’s Mental Health TV Series I can’t see you. Premiered in late May He criticized his father Now 72, he said he was “suffering” when he was a kid.

“My dad was telling me when I was young …” Well, that was for me, so it will be for you, “Harry told co-producer Winfrey.

Still, only a month after these salvos, they Give their little girl a name After the woman who leads the institution They were very loud and repeatedly critical.

This is the only good news for this latest depressed scammer: Sussexes girls are responsible for knocking Prince Andrew Go down the pegs in the inheritance column. Good job Lili, very good job.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience in many of Australia’s leading media titles.

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Prince Harry and Megan remain silent while Prince Phillip’s birthday compliments flow

Source link Prince Harry and Megan remain silent while Prince Phillip’s birthday compliments flow

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