Prime Minister and Finance Minister face backlash over Covid-19 disaster payments

The prime minister is facing more and more scrutiny after critics say it was too late to decide to splash more cash on struggling Australians.

Scott Morrison and Finance Ministers are facing a backlash after the Prime Minister announced that Sydney Cider, which was blocked without work, would receive a cash boost to their disaster payments.

Critics welcomed additional payments, but many claim that Simon Birmingham faces the grill and others remain “abandoned.” project I spent the night on TV with my host Waleed Ali.

Starting Thursday, Covid-19 disaster payments will be raised to $ 750 per week for those who normally work more than 20 hours and $ 450 for individuals who work less than 20 hours, consistent with the level of the first JobKeeper scheme.

“We will continue to increase the level of support provided to individuals through Covid disaster payments throughout New South Wales,” said Scott Morrison.

“From next week, we’ll raise our maximum payments from $ 600 to $ 750, and within 20 hours from $ 375 to $ 450.”

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In a statement after the announcement, the Australian Council of Trade Unions said the Morrison government “finally put pressure” and criticized the delay in the decision more than a month after the blockade of Sydney.

“The Morrison government has been dragged and screamed at increasing the funding provided through disaster payments,” said ACTU Chairman Michele O’Neil.

“It’s too late for many workers in New South Wales who lost their livelihoods more than a month ago.

“While we welcome the Morrison government to finally increase support, JobKeeper has saved us work and provided us with the peace of mind that you know you have a job to return to.

“Workers in New South Wales, and those affected by the ongoing blockade, need that security.”

Individuals who receive welfare benefits such as youth allowances and pensions and lose more than eight hours of work per week due to the blockade are also eligible for $ 200 per week for emergency payments.

Benefits start next week, The application is set to open on the Services Australia website on Tuesday.

“The point of this is that people can’t make that extra income they were making, and make sure there is a perception that these payments are preventing them from doing it. There is to support them to do, “said Mr Morrison.

“And this provides them with some additional support.”

Dr. Cassandra Goldie, CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services, welcomed the additional $ 200 payment and issued a “warning”.

“The blockade will prevent everyone on social security benefits from finding paid jobs. They all need this help,” Goldie said in a statement.

“For all the stories that we all participate in this, the government provides financial support to some and puts the most lagging others in poverty for $ 44 a day. Dividing the community by facing it.

“The government is once again abandoning those who need the most help: those who live in job seekers for $ 44 a day and are trying to find a paid job but are unable to secure it.

“Youth allowances are even lower, at $ 36 a day. Most people’s rent alone is well over $ 36 a day.

“This is a serious public health emergency. You can’t stay home if you can’t afford a roof overhead.”

Despite increasing pressure to revive JobKeeper 2, Morrison said he lacked the “agility” needed for the current outbreak.

“When I did Job Keeper, I had to hire it all over the country at once, and I did it for six months.

“What we need now is a focus on where we need it now, so we can turn it on and off wherever it happens.

“JobKeeper didn’t have that flexibility. It didn’t have that agility.”

While on projectBirmingham claimed that the employee had been released and did not see “evidence” in a heated discussion with Waleed Ali.

Aly reported to Birmingham that the payment application process was “very difficult and complicated,” and claimed that some people were waiting up to five hours on the phone.

“Then they need to enter Centrelink and can ideally be blocked when they don’t want to go anywhere. Why set up such a painstaking and inefficient system?”

Birmingham claimed that more than 90% of claims were successfully filed online.

“Approximately one million complaints have been successfully processed. People are receiving the money immediately.”

Ally intervened: “Are there any data on giving up?”

“What we know is that the majority are doing well. In certain cases, people need to reach out.”

New South Wales recorded the worst day since the outbreak began on Wednesday, with 177 new cases across the state.

In response to the growing crisis, the blockade was extended for another four weeks. Of the 177 new cases, 46 were present in the community throughout the period of infection.

“Given where we are, it wouldn’t have been realistic for the NSW government to make a decision within the next two weeks,” said NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian.

Over 94,000 people were wiped with cotton swabs during the last reporting period.

— With NewsWire Courtney Gould

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Prime Minister and Finance Minister face backlash over Covid-19 disaster payments

Source link Prime Minister and Finance Minister face backlash over Covid-19 disaster payments

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