Precautions when planting trees

Especially in urban areas and suburbs, as the vegetable garden gets smaller, the space for large trees shrinks.

If the tree grows to a height of 10 meters, it should be planted 10 meters from the house.

This can be a limitation, as the wide definition between trees and shrubs is about 3-4 meters high.

Generally, shrubs grow from below and are less than 3 meters in length with no trunk development.

During the storm, you will find that eucalyptus (gingiva) is not a wise choice for a small garden.

They are great for large gardens and areas, but they still need to be considered carefully.

A few years ago I had a 3 acre garden covered with gums.

I respected the advice of the engineers … when my house was being built, they survived in search of water under the house during dry weather.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planting trees.

Be sure to look at the mature height and width before you buy to visualize what the tree will look like when it is fully grown, where the shadows will cast and interfere with the power lines.

Look at some disasters in the roadside trees of local governments when the power company cuts such a terrible shape into beautiful trees.

When planting new trees, the soil needs to be drained well.

Trees need a lot of water, but their roots should not stand in stagnant water.

The planting holes should be wide enough for the roots to spread – about twice the mass of the roots when planted.

Before planting, put a sturdy stake in the hole in advance as it can damage the root system.

There are some small growing native trees that are ideal for suburban gardens. For example, Wattle, Banksia, and Christmas Bush in New South Wales.

One of the latest and most popular is the magnolia “teddy bear” with large white flowers, one of the hardest trees introduced in the last few years.

this week

  • Dig cow dung to prepare the bed for Christmas planting.
  • Fertilize indoor plants.
  • Check the camellia for spider mites. Spider mites appear as brown ribbons in the center of the leaves.
  • Mountaineering roses are pruned after flowering and fertilized with sadon impact.

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Precautions when planting trees

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