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“Powerful and historic” Uluru’s heartfelt statement won the Sydney Peace Prize

The heartfelt Uluru statement received the Sydney Peace Prize four years after it was delivered to the Australian people.

A groundbreaking statement (an agreement of 250 indigenous representatives calling on Congress for the voice of indigenous peoples as stipulated in the Constitution) was issued to Australians on May 26, 2017.

The award was announced Wednesday, and the jury said the statement “brought together the indigenous peoples of Australia to put together a clear and comprehensive agenda for the healing and peace of our country.”

“The heartfelt Uluru statement is a powerful and historic offer of peace,” said Archie Law, president of the Sydney Peace Foundation, in a media release.

The Uluru Statement provides a roadmap for recognizing indigenous peoples in the Australian Constitution and proposes structural reforms in three areas: voice, treaty and truth.

Megan Davis, a Cobblecobble woman who issued a statement in collaboration with Pat Anderson and Noel Pearson, a law professor at the University of New South Wales, said the award was “a tribute to men and women in the dialogue that created the roadmap for peace.” Is. ” Nation “.

“The Uluru statement was the culmination of a dialogue process designed to disagree and disagree and pave the way for important cognitive issues,” she said in a UNSW media release.

After acknowledging the announcement at the ceremony on Wednesday, Professor Davis, Anderson and Pearson officially won Australia’s only international peace award at a formal event later this year.

Anderson, a woman at Alyawarre and chair of the Lowitja Institute, said the statement “to force the Australian people to politicians who chose not to be afraid of change, as we seek change. I invited people to walk with me. “

Pearson, a man from Google Immedia, said the indigenous peoples of Australia remained unrecognized, but the country “has lost its most important heart.”

“The Uluru statement was the answer to the federal desire to recognize indigenous peoples in the Constitution,” Pearson said in a UNSW announcement.

“Four years later, the evidence is overwhelming in favor of Australians giving us a voice. Now is the time.”

“We cannot lose this opportunity”

Proponents said the constitutional voice campaign to Congress was “more powerful than ever,” calling for action to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the statement.

The government has been discussing Voice design proposals as part of the joint design process. Wednesday’s From the Heart campaign said the government needed to outline the path to a referendum on the issue as talks approached the end and a final report was prepared.

“In more than 80% of public submissions to the joint design consultation process in support of the constitutional voice, Australians say it’s time to referendum,” said Heart Director Dean Parkin. Said: statement.

He said that if the voice was simply legislated rather than protected by the Constitution, it would be “another example of a decision maker dismissing people and imposing a top-down solution that no one wants.” Stated.

Professor Davis also said Australians “should be given the opportunity to change countries through a referendum.”

In another UNSW article on Wednesday, she said the legislative voice to Congress would be “watched by the whims of the government.”

She is “at risk” rather than a constitutionally protected voice that “allows Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to have a say in laws and policies that affect our lives.” “.

“It is their voice that needs to be listened to, empowered and protected. Losing this opportunity for lasting and meaningful change affecting the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders across the country I can’t, “said Professor Davis.

SBS News is seeking comment from Aboriginal Australian Minister Ken Wyatt.

He has Previously emphasized The voice framework will ensure that indigenous voices are heard, even if it is done by law.

The government has promised a referendum on constitutional approval in 2019. “Constitutional approval is too important,” Wyatt said since then, saying the parliamentary term is unlikely to take place. [to] It’s too important to hurry and fail. ”

“Powerful and historic” Uluru’s heartfelt statement won the Sydney Peace Prize

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