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As the saying goes, everyone has a book. However, popular Port Stephens writer John “Stinker” Clark has two books in his head instead of one, both of which are currently on this page. He is about to publish the picture book “Just Dreaming” and the fishing book “Tinku Pot” at the same time. 50 fishing secrets. Both have strong port flavors. “I wrote them at the same time,” said a 72-year-old retired teacher. “You can blame the virus. There was a lot of downtime. And it gave me more time to ponder and write. You can’t go fishing every day!” When he’s not fishing in his beloved little stink pot, John Clark is talking about it on the radio or writing about it in a column he’s written for Examiner Port Stephens since 1987-“I Is now writing about 1800 articles. ” Of the 11 books he wrote, the previous two titles are also about fishing. Clark realized that “there is so much to write about fish” and told six local recreational fishermen about their favorite places and the techniques they use for the tinku pot. Persuading fishing enthusiasts to reveal their favorite place can be more difficult than bleeding from a stone, so it wasn’t surprising to see a tinku pot. The 50 fishing secrets contained a blank page. Stinker argued that not only was the book full of information and photographs, but six contributors showed him a map and shared a secret. “It’s another matter if it’s their best secret,” he laughed. “Fishermen are now much more open. I know fishermen have gone to the extreme to hide their place, but now all they need is one to confront this. [holding his mobile phone]Take a picture and you’re gone! It was David “Schoie” Schofield who shared the knowledge of this book. “He’s a beach guru,” said Schoie’s Stinker. Most mornings along Stockton Beach. When asked exactly where he would draw the line, Schoie gave the fisherman’s answer the best explanation. When Stinker asked Sukhoi to contribute to this book, he was willing to share the love and joy of fishing, so he replied, “Yeah, a bloody vow.” Sukhoi joked about whether Stinker shared his knowledge. , “He doesn’t give me his spot or anything!” In fact, Stinker has named Tommy Rocks near Finngal Island as his favorite spot, especially for catching snappers. Dreams go back to Clark’s time and are a journey into his own imagination. The idea for a book for kids was that he was fishing. “I’m on a ship and I’m looking around and thinking about what I’m doing.’What was this joint like before the whites arrived here? That 1000 years How was it before? ”Imagine.” More than you can imagine, John Clark wrote his thoughts, and two Warimi children, Gapar and his sister Mitchgan, described the area. I made a story based on traveling. Stinker explained that the story was not based on traditional indigenous stories, but he consulted with Elder Warimi. “It’s just me and my perception,” he said of the story. “But to do that, I wasn’t here 1000 years ago, so I have to dream.” “This book gives me the opportunity to recreate the way I think it was in the past.” Just Dreaming is explained by Regan Lilley. Lily, a Warimi man who works as a field officer at NSW DPI Fisheries, has a deep understanding of both land and sea in his art. “It’s all about’the land of the sea’,” Lily said, explaining that Warimi’s word for that country is “Garwa.” The colors of the artwork were inspired by what he saw when diving in Port Stephens and offshore. “We have all the colors of the rainbow. All you have to do is go under the water,” he said. John “Stinker” Clark said the crossover between the two books was his love for Port Stephens and its natural beauty. “I was lucky to live in paradise,” he said. “I can put the boat in the water within 10 minutes and go fishing for sea bream within 20 minutes. There is no other place I want.” John “Stinker” Clarke said in December. Books will be available at the Soldiers Point Bowling Club at 2:00 pm on the 13th and at the Fingal Bay Sports Club at 2:00 pm on December 15.


Port Stephens Identity John “Stinker” Clark Doubles Words With Release of Twin Book | Newcastle Herald

Source link Port Stephens Identity John “Stinker” Clark Doubles Words With Release of Twin Book | Newcastle Herald

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