Polio detected in New York sewers prompts urgent warning to get vaccinated

Polio was found in wastewater outside New York City, a month before officials said it was the first confirmed U.S. case in nearly a decade.

State health officials said the virus was found in wastewater samples collected in June.

a A young adult in Rockland County developed paralysis, was diagnosed last monthIt was the first polio case detected in the United States since 2013.

Officials urged residents to make sure they were vaccinated.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a statement that the presence of the virus in wastewater indicates that there may be more people within the community shedding the virus in their faeces. .

However, the CDC added that no new cases have been confirmed and it is not yet clear whether the virus is spreading actively in New York or elsewhere in the United States.

Laboratory tests confirmed that the patient was genetically related to the strain found in Israel, but that did not mean the patient had traveled to Israel, the official added. rice field.

Polio can cause irreversible paralysis in some cases, but a vaccine became available in 1955. (Fever Hospital: History of Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital)

Gene sequencing also linked it to a sample of a highly contagious and life-threatening virus from the UK.

According to The New York Times, the patient began showing symptoms in June when local authorities asked doctors to take note of the case.

“Given how quickly polio spreads, now is the time for all adults, parents and caregivers to vaccinate themselves and their children as soon as possible,” said State Health Commissioner Mary Bassett. .

The New York State Department of Health was unable to conclude with certainty whether the polio-positive samples came from the cases identified in Rockland County based on the available evidence.

“Certainly, the identification of such samples raises concerns about the potential for community spread. Therefore, those who have not been vaccinated, especially in the Rockland County area, should be vaccinated as soon as possible.” It’s very important,” said the department.

Polio detected in New York sewers prompts urgent warning to get vaccinated

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