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Police gun down teenager Kate Harcher after false reports

The teenager remained traumatized after being pressed against the ground and struck by a gun on an unstolen car.

After police mistakenly believed she had stolen the car, the teenager was driven to the ground and pointed at a gun outside her house.

Eighteen-year-old Kate Harcher thought she would die when police attacked her on a driveway at her home on the Central Coast, New South Wales on October 15.

“I turned around, he pointed his gun at me,” said a disabled support worker. Current events..

“He shouted out. You have the right to remain silent.”

I kept asking, “Why is the gun pointed at me?” That was mainly because I was scared. To be honest, I thought I would be shot. “

CCTV footage shows Ms. Harcher lying on the ground by a car and a policeman pointing her gun at her. ACA It was reported in 90 seconds.

Later, he was handcuffed and said an older woman had reported the theft of his car, but Ms. Harcher bought a BMW advertised in Casares from a “young Chinese man” and provided documents to prove it. He said he had it.

“I have never seen an older woman,” she said.

“When I bought the car, (the man) said it on behalf of his friend because they were stuck in another country.”

According to police, Mr. Harcher did not transfer the registration documents to her name for four months. They demanded towing her car while further inquiries were made.

Mark, the father of a retired police officer, Harcher, described the footage as “upset.”

“I’ve never seen an unarmed obedient person not only arrested for being struck by a gun and struck by a gun, but also detained for such a long time,” he said. ..

The police officer was a senior police officer on traffic and highway patrol, and Ms. Harcher was a stopped driver at the time of the incident, but he issued a warning and dropped her, ACA reported.

Public investigations have been conducted on reports of stolen vehicles, and police are investigating the behavior of police officers in response to formal complaints.

Initially published as follows Police gun down teenager Kate Harcher after false reports

Police gun down teenager Kate Harcher after false reports

Source link Police gun down teenager Kate Harcher after false reports

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