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Police: Breakthrough DNA technology to help AFP solve crime

Federal police were soon able to use amazing new technology to solve crime with a huge breakthrough likened to a science fiction novel.

Australian researchers will adopt breakthrough techniques that can predict the criminal’s gender, eye color, and other personal characteristics, even if the DNA does not match.

The Australian Federal Police will consider adopting a new technology known as massively parallel sequencing that is used to predict a person’s genetic characteristics based on a sample of DNA left at the crime scene.

It will allow researchers to find leads even though the person’s DNA is not in their database.

The agency states that it can be used to predict someone’s gender, ancestors, and eye color. This is a powerful tool for sifting potential suspects.

It may sound like something from the world of television crime dramas and science fiction, but this technology could soon be used to predict the perpetrator’s hair color.

It is currently being tested and evaluated to confirm its accuracy before being deployed by field researchers.

AFP also states that it can be used in the case of a missing person or if an unidentified body is found.

Authorities said MPS was different from current DNA profiling techniques because it examined the nucleotide sequence.

“Over the next decade, our team aims to expand our predictive capabilities to include characteristics such as age, obesity index, and height,” said Dr. Paul Roffey, lead scientist on the project. I am.

“We are also looking for opportunities to provide detailed predictions of facial indicators such as eyes, eyes, nose, ear shape, lip fullness, and cheek structure.”

at first Dazzling new police technology for predicting hair color, gender without DNA match

Police: Breakthrough DNA technology to help AFP solve crime

Source link Police: Breakthrough DNA technology to help AFP solve crime

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